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#SOSS – Share Our Saturday #4

by LSB

Time for Share our Shit Saturday #4


I have been super busy in this week and really have only been flicking in and out of social media.  I have however, had time to snoop at Sinful Sunday, which by the way if you haven’t already checked it out – you need to do that now. Also, I have finally gotten a chance to check out some awesome BDSM erotica – keep reading to find out who!

 Images: (titles are links)


Bee’s Wax – A sub to Bee

I love wax – from the first flick of the match, to the smell down to the anticipation build up waiting for the first drip. I love it all so Bee’s image really stood out to me.  I love the colour of the wax they used for this image – looks absolutely stunning. The droplets running down… I just love it!

Dirty Girl – Clear Eyed Girl

This image is frigging awesome. I love the edit – the lightened background teamed up with the darkened grains allows each one to be highlighted perfectly until they all trickle together. It’s a raw, sexy and very powerful image.

Darling Sin – Molly’s Daily Kiss

Wow! This image needs to be used for the next Bond movie – it’s not surprising Molly has chosen a quote from a Bond movie to go with it. The edit in this image is incredible. I find myself going back to it over and over trying to figure it out.

Modestly Sun Seeking – Modesty Ablaze

This image screams out to me. Oh I am a sun bird – I live for the sun and it literally radiates off K’s  glorious looking body in this image. What I really love about this image is the silhouette on the sand.

Tweet of the Week:

This tweet reached out to me because it shows the importance of practicing safe sex and it also enforces the importance of regular STI check ups! Please folks, if you have had unprotected sex – go get yourself checked out at your local clinic/GPs.  Thank you to Jess for allowing me to use her tweet 🙂


Photo belong to JustJess


That’s all for this week folks – check out the #SOSS hashtag on twitter for more Share our Saturday posts

Ps: Check my other #SoSS posts here

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Molly December 2, 2017 - 12:26 pm

Thank you for the mention and I am glad you liked my image. The central figure(me) is the original shot and then in editing I layered the same image over the top to create the double exposure element



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