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#SoSS – Share Our Saturday #3

by LSB

Time for  Share our Shit Saturday #3



Hannah Likes Dirty Words – Geography

Oh man, this post is glorious. Beautifully written, Hannah explains how she has learned to love the skin she is in. I don’t want to write more on it because I’m afraid I’ll give away too much but what I will say if a hero did dare to descend or perhaps climb Everest, they’d certainly be in for good time.

Check out Hannah’s post here

Molly’s Daily Kiss – The Geography of a Lover

Oh, Molly. You are such a talented woman. If I am to become a fraction as amazing as your photography skills – then, I would be so happy. This post of course, is paired with another of Molly’s stunning images – but to be honest, her descriptions of her husband are written with such loving accuracy, I could imagine Michael without the visual aid.

Check out Molly’s post here



Fire and Honey – Missing You

Wow – this is some seriously awesome photography! The words attached to the image created so much wonder in me. Why is he drowning? Why so sad? The glint in her eye adds a feel of sadness to the image and the shimmer from here hairs replicates waves in a way I find mesmerizing  and so bloody clever.

Check out Violet’s post here

She Bangs – Waiting 

I’m not gonna lie – this image tick s all my boxes. Hot legs, tattoos, it’s got a black and white edit and taken from an angle to leave *just* the right of skin to keep me trying to get a look under that coat. And on op of all that , I can’t help but think that coat tie is a crop. Wishful thinking on my behalf 😀


Check out Steele and Paige’s post here



Tweet of the Week:

Remember people, consent needs to be ongoing

Yes once, does not mean yes always

— Signs (@DomSigns) November 13, 2017


DomSign’s is responsible for this week’s Tweet of the Week. A very straight forward tweet regarding the need for ongoing consent. I think this tweet is relevant in cases where consent hasn’t been given in the first place too.

This tweet appeared on my feed after a night out with my OH. I left my husband’s side to go pee and on my way back some randomer grabbed onto my ass. As a teenager, I grew up with this happening most weekends but took no notice to it. As an adult, I understand that is not OK and I wanted top knock his block off. Of course, being the lady I am I didn’t do that, but opted to ‘accidentally’ step on his foot instead while internally screaming “Stay the fuck outta my personal bubble”.  So please folks, take note of his tweet. It’s an important one.


That’s all for this week folks – check out the #SOSS hashtag on twitter for more Share our Saturday posts

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