FunFactory Darling Devil

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The idea surrounding the new battery + range really intrigued me so I was delighted when the FunFactory Darling Devil arrived unannounced in the post.

The idea behind the battery + range is simple – this range can be used with regular batteries, rechargeable batteries or you can buy a hybrid kit separately which includes the charger and hybrid batteries. The battery + range claim to be the most powerful battery vibes out there and I must admit , that statement is quite accurate.

However, I do have some niggly bits to comment on – firstly, I think considering the price of the toy I think this kit should already be included or maybe given the option to add it for a couple of euros more. The kit is just shy of $20. Secondly, my next niggle is with the toy itself but I’ll explain more about that further down.

The FunFactory Darling Devil is far from my beloved MissBi. Like my MissBi, it’s got all the power I need. It doesn’t lack those yummy deep, rumbly vibes, what it lacks in is the actual design. And that makes me sad because I love the addition of those ‘horns’on top.  Powered completely by one motor in the shaft, those little horns get in lots of the action. They feel awesome tickling my nips and my clit. The are seriously powerful – but I find myself wishing they were slightly firmer so I could feel them better inside because once inserted, you might as well forget they are even there.

Before insertion, I opted to load it up with loads of water based lube first, from past experiences it better to be safe than have silicone drag across your insides. It comes travel locked so hold the ‘Fun’ button with the bottom button down to unlock it and if you want to lock it again, hold the top button and ‘Fun’ button. Very handy should you want to travel with it.

Use the ‘Fun’ button to power it on and use the (-)/ (+) buttons to flick through the various patterns. The ‘Fun’ button will also power down the Daring Devil straight away once pressed – a feature I love in Fun Factory toys.

The entire piece is approx 8 inches in length though just over 4  inches is actually insertable. The twisty factor adds some lovely texture and I quite enjoy it even though texture isn’t something I go actively looking for. The toy has 4 speeds and 6 patterns. Again, all powered by that one motor – yes, the ‘horn’ clitoral arm has none. Some might say it’s a disaster and some would usually be right except the toy has so much power, the vibrations actually penetrate the ‘horn’ quite well meaning the vibrations in fact do get to travel the whole way to the tip.

Nicknamed the ‘Batman’ in my house, it would have been an absolutely cracking vibe if they made the clitoral arm longer and slightly thicker. There’s no way no matter what way I try that arm just ain’t hitting me where I need it to. It’s a real shame because I love everything else about this toy. It leaves me wondering why it isn’t longer – or perhaps it’s just my body being awkward.

If interested, you can purchase a Darling Devil at LovehoneyUK |

I would like to take the opportunity to thank FunFactory for sending me the FunFactory Darling Devil in exchange for an honest and impartial review – this however in no way changes my opinion on the item. What I honestly think, you read! All images displayed of the FunFactory Darling Devil are taken by myself! Affiliate links have been used in this post.

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