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by LSB
Share our shit saturday

Taking part in Share our Saturday really points out how quickly the week has flown.

I’ll be trying to get this post done Friday evening/early Saturday so my round up will usually be based from Saturday to the following Friday. This week it’s a super quick post because I am off out tonight ( Yippeee 😀 ) So as always in no particular order:




Pain As  Pleasure – Little Bag of Insecurities:

What a brave, heartfelt post. It’s almost like a memoir, a diary entry. I do think it’s rather interesting post to read. Written from a man’s perspective – Bibulous One’s post explains how men can feel pressure and sometimes a little bag of tricks can help.

Check out Bibulous One’s post here

Candy Snatch Reviews – Pink hair, don’t care!!

This awesome post really hit home with me! Candy talks about her battles with folk judging her on her appearance and how she feels sometimes folk who post pictures of themselves are sometimes labelled a “Sexy Sex Blogger”. I get those feels. Her give no fucks post was exactly what I needed to read during the week. A seriously fantastic bit of writing.

Check out Candy’s post here

Ducky Doolittle – Uterine Cancer

Ducky was diagnosed with cancer and has took to writing a blog all about her experiences along the way. This post is super important to read, folks. Ducky speaks of sign and symptoms I didn’t realise happened.

Check out Ducky’s post here 


Molly’s Daily Kiss – Art of Art

Wow, Wow, Wow! This is spectacular. Molly, your images inspire me and encourage me to do better. You have such an amazing talent – this shot is so beautiful. I particularly love how you have a henna tattoo on the bottom of your leg – it’s like a little ladder encouraging you to keep following it up along.

Check out Molly’s stunning image here

Eugene Noale – Haircut Sensuality

I’d say Eugene is sick of me repeating these words but – you have the most amazing eyes. I love this image . I love the fantasy you paint – I love how nearly everything is so white except your eyes and fallen hair. A seriously cracking image.

Check out Eugene’s image( and amazing eyes) here


Scandarella – The Uncalled for Call

I wasn’t sure where this story was going to end up as I read it. The plot thickens and feel myself getting into the more I read. I can’t help A lot of erotica I have read from Ella, really showcases her squishy side and I love the little twist at the end.

Check out Ella’s post here 

That’s all for this week folks – check out the #SOSS hashtag on twitter for more Share our Saturday posts

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Ps. Check out my other Share our Shot Saturday posts here 


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