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#SoSS – Share Our Shit Saturday #1

by LSB

Apologies folks – I really didn’t realise that such a wonderful meme was born last week – but I’ve gotten my ass in gear and this week I am jumping aboard the Share our Shit Saturday train.


This in my opinion is a frigging amazing idea <3

I dunno about you but my social media feeds are usually full and a lot of time I am missing things I do actually wanna see. Amidst the nakie images on my feeds, that sometimes I *really* didn’t need to see – ya I’m talking to you in the back with your cock cum shot, sometimes posts get missed. Now don’t get me wrong I’m all for smutty images but when they come (pun not intended) unwanted ya kinda get sick of seeing it!

Anyway back to Share our Shit Saturday – I’m not sure if there’s a particular way to do this but I wanna link posts that have really stood out to me for various reasons. Because I wasn’t involved last week , I’m cheating this week and sharing some older posts so with out further ado, here in no particular order are some amazing posts I’ve come across <3




Girl on the Net – Sex Blogger SOS

I have to start the round up here – GOTN created this wonderful idea. I am a HUGE fan of GOTN’s blog. Her honest posts are something I never miss because she never misses out on all the important details. Sometimes I’m left wondering after I read a post but I never am with her posts. Her brutal honesty ticks all the right boxes for me. She is amazing and I have and will continue to do so, recommend her blog to anyone who will listen.

Read GOTN’s post on tackling the latest hit to the sex industry here 


Molly’s Daily Kiss – Magic Moments

OMG – Molly could you be any cuter? This post is amazing – from Molly’s simply spectacular photography skills to the beautiful writing attached, it simply is one of the most beautiful heart warming posts. I could feel your nerves,  your excitement and the love and lust you have for Micheal. Just so much love for this post <3

Read Molly’s post of some of her Magic Moments here 




Aurora Glory – The Marionette Doll


This image is bloody amazing and to be honest, Aurora I really don’t think you get how clever this image is – you added into you post it wasn’t actually meant to be taken but sometimes captured moments without realizing are the best. The look of curiosity on your face really makes the image and I guess it’s because you are more concentrating on the timber rather on nailing the image – and you did <3 I frigging love it!

Check Aurora’s amazing image out here 


Candy Snatch Reviews – Defiant

I am a huge fan of Candy’s Sinful Sunday images so I was delighted to see her make a very stunning return last week. Even though she has cleavage I can only wish for, this image is all about her eyes and boy, do they ooze defiance. They scream out at me “make me” – you can clearly see it’s gonna be a battle to make her behave. Super hot image!

Check Candy’s super sexy image here 




Joanne’s Reviews – FleshLight Freak Frankenstein

Definitely more gutsy than me, the lovely Joanne tackled not one but two hideously disgusting dildos so you lovely readers could read all about her adventures. The animation in them is absolutely amazing. As a fellow sex toy blogger, I know all about the work that goes into a review but Joanne added to this work load by creating some amazing art work that really needs to be checked out <3

Check Joanne’s awesome review (and artwork) out here

 PillowPrincess – DoDil

This review is awesome – owning a DoDil myself I am seriously impressed with the shapes created because it’s frigging hard to do. This review is the perfect place to start should you be interested in buying one – full to brim of tips and tricks and the pics to prove awesome shapes are seriously doable!

Check PillowPrincess’ review out here 


Tweet of the Week :


Formidable Femme on the MeToo hashtag



This thread is important to me because it was something I really needed to read after all the MeToo posts. Please don’t feel like your posts aren’t important – because they are. I don’t invalidate them, I just haven’t validate what happened to me so to see this hashtag appear, it was something dragged up that I didn’t need to see. Rarely spoken about on my blog, I too am a victim of sexual trauma. I don’t acknowledge it because I feel it gives him power, he took enough already. Sarah’s tweets made me feel it was OK not to take part in the hashtag so thank you <3

Click the tweet above the read the thread in full or check our Sarah’s blog here


Share our shit saturday

And that is it for this week’s round up for #SoSS – Check out all the other Share our Shit Saturday posts using the hashtag #SoSS on Twitter  


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Molly November 4, 2017 - 10:10 pm

Aww thank you so much for the shout out. I am so glad you liked my post. I love the idea of including a tweet of the week, I might add that idea to mine at some point if you would be OK with that?


LSB November 4, 2017 - 10:14 pm

Your post was so frigging cute , Molly. Your relationship melts me.

Most definitely <3 A lot get said on twitter that doesn’t make into a post


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