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MEO Magnetic Ball Weight

posted by LSB October 25, 2017 0 comments

The clink the MEO Magnetic Ball Weight magnets make when they click together –  Wow! I’m not surprised my OH winces every time. It is rather impressive how forceful they are! To be honest, if I had balls, I’d wince too.

We have wanted to try something like this for quite some time but to be honest, we weren’t really sure what to go for or even size or weight etc. I asked Wolf over at MEO what exactly would be suitable for us beginners to start out at ball play with and he suggested this Magnetic Ball Weight weighing in at 280g and 20mm in width.

Really simple idea but oh so clever. Once in place, MEO Magnetic Ball Weight doesn’t budge.

The MEO Magnetic Ball Weight weights 280g and provides quite a pleasurable sensation once in place. I will admit it I have never, and will probably never ever lock the ball weight in place around my OH’s balls. This is and has been since the weight arrived, his job and only his job. I can understand why considering how fast and how powerful the magnet clicks into place. If I were to catch him, I’m pretty certain I’d be locked up forever in chastity! I do, however feel rather disappointed as I am pretty certain, even though I don’t enjoy inflicting pain on him – I’d get off watching him squirm at the thoughts of it happening. I’m a bit of a sick, twisted shit there, ain’t I? But I guess this is why I’m a Switch Bitch!

So much care needs to be taken when putting the weight on – it’s not something you rush into. Once your balls are in the larger side, it’s important to make sure all the skin is too. Once in place, grab onto your scrotum firmly, pulling downwards to make sure none escapes. Then, simply pop the smaller magnet in place. I personally think it’s easier to attach one side and slide the second into position. My OH has confirmed he too, finds this method the easiest.

There are loads of images on the MEO site showing you the ball weight in action wrapped around the correct attire – you check those out here. But for now, I chose to wrap it around my very beautiful Vixen Creations Mustang.

No information came with the weights regards cleaning them so I had a look on the MEO site – rather glad I did as they should have come with some alcohol wipes for cleaning.

**No water should be used on them**

This is rather important for many reasons – one being I guess they would rust. The second in my opinion is water might get trapped in the ridges around the magnets so please remember not to use water to water them in. I used sanitizing hand gel.

I wanted to try ball weights not because I’m in to CBT, not because he is into CBT but simply because the thought of him bent over wearing these seriously got me going and seeing it happen in the flesh was so frigging hot! These weights will be used a lot more when I’m in control but for times I’m not, they are quite a fun foreplay toy. They make him feel really sensitive while attached. Overall, we really had fun using them – from a beginners perspective the sizing and the weight was bang on.


Also it is worth mentioning this advice given on the MEO site – “Strong magnets can disturb electronic implants such as pacemakers, implanted defibrillators or activatable implants in their operation and put patients to risk. Keep a distance of at least 20cm between your implant and the magnet.”

If interested you can purchase your very own Magnetic Ball Weight from MEO here 

I would like to take the opportunity to thank MEO for sending me the Magnetic Ball Weight in exchange for an honest and impartial review this however in no way changes my opinion on the item. What I honestly think, you read! All images displayed of the Magnetic Ball Weight are taken by myself!

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