Bondara Luxury Jessica Rabbit Review

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If you read my Zumio review, you’ll already know how much I love Bondara’s super cute packaging. I have yet to come across another company to do this so it’s a pretty awesome place to shop if you are after a gift to spoil someone special. I felt so spoilt when I opened the Bondara Luxury Jessica Rabbit package.

I wasn’t really sure on this toy before it arrived if I’m honest – rabbits are so hit and miss. It’s easier to grab a dildo and vibe separately but I discovered recently when testing another rabbit out, expectations to be thrown to one side and test everything with a free, open mind. I usually try to apply the to all I test but sometimes, thoughts and ideas sneak in. I will admit though – I actually read reviews on this toy before it came. I never usually do this. I am however am in complete opposite end of the scale in what I read previously, sadly.

The packaging for the Bondara Luxury Jessica Rabbitis pretty basic to be honest – it arrives in branded Bondara box. One similar to the pretty gift box in all arrived in. The rabbit, instructions and USB charging cable fell out. The rabbit bounced off my bed and I immediately spotted its flexibility.  First nodule at the the top of the shaft is extremely flexible – so is the clitoral arm. Oooh this might have potential, I thought. Until I powered it on. 

Nope. Just all of the nope!  Me and the Bondara Luxury Jessica Rabbit don’t get on. Will never get on. 

I’ve tried – god knows I’ve tried. I just can’t get off with it. Before I rabbit (sorry!) on about my experiences. Let me fill you in on some details regards the toys size, charging etc.

The Bondara Luxury Jessica Rabbit is approx 7.5 inches in entire length – approx 4.5 inches of that is insertable. Made from medical grade body safe silicone which in my opinion, feels super soft to touch but is quite draggy in use and needs to be coated in loads of water based lube. The toy is easy power on using a 2 button interface. When the power button (top button) is pressed a red LED comes on to indicate the toy has powered on, the mode button (bottom button) then needs to be pressed to fire the toy up. The controls double up as a handy travel lock to prevent the toy from powering up on its own. And once the toy is power on, it has instant power down by pressing the power button once. The toy has 3 continuous speeds with various levels of power and 7 different patterns.

It is charged via USB and the cable is supplied. As the toy is waterproof, it has one of those self sealing ports which can be found at the bottom of the toy. According to the Bondara website – a short charge provides 4 hours of play. And in all honestly , I really can’t tell you if this is accurate. It never got 4 hours of play – if it did, the frustration would probably have made me snap it. I really dislike battering toys in reviews – my body is different to yours and what makes me tick, might not be what does it for you. So with that said, if you enjoy deep, rumbly vibes – this rabbit is not for you. However, if light vibes with a buzzier feel, then this toy is an awesome place to start.

I did however feel given the shape and the fact it has a clitoral arm, it would be a perfect toy to try out for prostate play! The clitoral arm acts as a very safe base and a decent ball tickler when the toy is powered on. So for science, I asked my OH if his butt would be a guinea pig and surprisingly, he accepted!

He found the vibes of the Bondara Luxury Jessica Rabbit didn’t transfer well, felt the silicone was extremely draggy to the point it hurt him during removal so I guess my idea wasn’t the greatest! And I can’t comment anally because I never tried it that way. Afterwards, he voiced my original thoughts – it sounded like we had bedded a group of angry wasps.

Overall, the Bondara Luxury Jessica Rabbit looks amazing, feels amazing, is extremely light and oozes luxury. But it may have all the looks , it sadly just doesn’t deliver.


If interested you can purchase your very own Luxury Jessica Rabbit from Bondara here 


The Luxury Jessica Rabbit was sent to me from Bondara in exchange for an honest and impartial review – this however in no way changes my opinion on the item. What I honestly think, you read. All images of the Luxury Jessica Rabbit are taken by myself.

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