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Vedo Diver Prostate Massager Review

by LSB

The Vedo Diver Prostate Massager is the first prostate toy to feature on the blog and it is in my opinion, a pretty awesome toy to start out with. Other prostate toys haven’t been on here before because this is a completely new area for us. Slowly, my OH has round to idea of exploring this previously forbidden area.

The Vedo Diver Prostate Massager arrived in very simplistic packaging – a box displaying the toy and its stats. Inside the box, you’ll get the toy, USB charging cable and some instructions. Straight to the point. The Vedo Diver Prostate Massager is cased well inside to prevent any damage in transport. Toy retails on PeepShowShow for less than $40 and in my opinion, is pretty cheap considering made it is made from body safe silicone, rechargeable and supplied decent rumbly vibes. I’ll get back to all that in a minute though. A full charge will provide one hours playtime and we have found to this be accurate. We actually have gotten longer than that as my OH prefers patterns rather than the higher, more powerful speeds.



The Vedo Diver Prostate Massager has 7 patterns and 3 speeds. It is controlled via a one button interface. Press once to power on, press the button to flick patterns/speeds and hold the button down for 3 seconds to power off. Extremely easy to use and it’s simple mechanics mean while in use, play isn’t disturbed needing to look down to see what button to press. As well as that even if lube gets on the button, it won’t affect you being able to power down or change mode. Basic but very clever. The button is quite large so even folk with reduced mobility shouldn’t have an issue using it. It is made from ABS chrome looking plastic and while usually I would hate this aesthetic, I really feel it adds to toy and actually makes it feel more luxurious and expensive looking.

The button is also doubles up as the toy’s charging point. It is actually a screw cap, which once removed is where the toy is actually charged. The benefits of this screw cap button means the toy is water proof so cleaning it isn’t an issue. Also reassuring as well considering how the toy will be used, lube could damage it but this isn’t a worry.

Once I powered up the Vedo Diver Prostate Massager I wanted to try it myself – the vibrations are quite deep and rumbly.

The tip of the toy is quite pinpoint and it has more flexibility than I was expecting. As a g-spot toy, it is quite intense actually. However, I personally prefer more broader head and not a huge fan of internal vibes. As a clit vibe though, it’s more definitely not to be sniffed at! If I was hanging high and dry(!!!), I’d have no worried because this toy can definitely get me over the finish line 😀

Regards my OH’s experiences with the Vedo Diver Prostate Massager – he is seriously impressing with the running mechanics of it. Finds it super easy to use – loves how easy it is to flick through the various patterns. Wings provide more than adequate handles and allow him to direct the toy where he wants. They also of course, make the Vedo Diver Prostate Massager anal safe. Finds the silicone velvet soft, seam free and 100% non draggy in use. Considering this is a new field for him the draggy factor is quite a biggie.

At 4.9 inches long and 1.1 inches width – it is so manageable from a beginners perspective. He had no issues inserting or removing the toy and moving it around while inserted didn’t feel uncomfortable and more importantly, he wasn’t sore afterwards either.

In use, it definitely hits his prostate as he is experiencing sensations which are new to him. And also, he experiences quite a lot of tingling in his nose, oddly enough. I’m not sure if this happens usually during prostate play but I know myself, my face can tingle if I am going to orgasm strongly so I am hoping continued used will have similar effects for him.  Since this toy has arrived each time we have used it, it is being used a little longer than the time before. I am told that is a rather pleasurable experience but one, he needs to fully get used to. Using the Vedo Diver Prostate Massager has mostly definitely heightened and strengthened his orgasms, but has yet to deliver an orgasm on its own.

The Vedo Diver Prostate Massager was sent to us in exchange for an honest and impartial review. This however in no way changes my opinion on the items. What I honestly think, you read!  All images displayed of the Vedo Diver Prostate Massager are taken by myself!


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Elliott Henry September 22, 2017 - 11:59 pm

Hi, Switch… here is my report on your Test Page…
‘Apologies, unfortunately we couldn’t find that page’,

Now, as to this review… I want my nose to tingle too. Do you get credit if I use your link?

❤️ elliott


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