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Furry Fantasy Black Fox Tail Butt Plug Review

by LSB

I own other tail plugs so why all the excitement when I was asked if I’d like to try the Furry Fantasy Black Fox Tail Butt Plug? Surely one is enough. Ha – famous last words. Anyone who uses/owns/has interest in will know that sex toys are an addition. I guess anything that gives us pleasure is – you only have to root through my toy box to see that they most definitely are one of mine! The more you own the more refined the wants get – the more pickier I have become.

The reasons beyond this latest addiction are – IT’S A FOX TAIL <3 and IT’S METAL <3 Yes, folks two new firsts for me. I don’t own any metal plugs and I’ve lusted over a fox tail since for aggggges!

The Furry Fantasy Black Fox Tail Butt Plug comes in a sealed cellophane bag – nothing major spectacular regarding the packaging. But for a little shy of £33 I wouldn’t be expecting more. It does, however, come with a beautiful velvet drawstring storage bag that keeps it perfectly safe when it’s not in use. The metal plug was covered in foam to protect in transit and on inspection, it is 100% perfect. Not a scratch, a mark or even an indent to be seen or found. This pleases me greatly.

The tail is glorious! Honestly – super soft, chunky, fluffy and doesn’t shed fur *huge thumbs up*. I was expecting something so furry to leave a trail of evidence around but I struggled to find one rib. The colours are beautiful – blacks, greys and pretty ice blue flickers throughout the tail. One might think because of the quality it’s made of real fur – but it is 100% a faux fur tail.

The Furry Fantasy Black Fox Tail Butt Plug has a tapered end for easier insertion and is aimed towards the beginner end of the market. I, however, feel even though the plug is most definitely a size comfortable for a beginner to use the fuller feeling I got while wearing it makes me feel this plug is suitable for any anal level. It could be down to the added weight given its metal but this plug is rather satisfying to wear.

Weighing in at 265g – it weighs more than my Pony plug however because this plug isn’t as flush, it stays in place! It is approx 3.5 inches in complete length and 1.5 inches at its widest point. The tail is also super light and extremely swishy! It’s hard not to insert it and wiggle your butt.

Interested in seeing me kneeling wearing this plug – check this post out here

Made from stainless steel, this plug can be used with whatever lubricant you desire. I opted to use my Sliquid Sassy as it’s my favourite – I lubed myself, the plug and popped it in. Having never used a metal plug before the cold steel inside me felt rather ace. Taken overall primal, I guess we both loved the aesthetics from the plug, my OH took me from behind as soon as I appeared. I love the Dp’d sensation anyway and wearing this plug, maybe given its temperature and the tail swishing around made sex incredible. The angle and the popping sensation mixed up just made my g-spot purr in delight. All kinds of yesssss!!!

The only downfall because of how full the tail is – its inevitable fluids are gonna clump up that fur! It is here I must mention any other position other than doggy is awkward due to how bushy the tail is. Fur gets stuck, everywhere. And it gets clumped up. Thankfully though, this hasn’t affected the tail. Once washed out, I opted to use a little shampoo, the tail fluffs back up and you wouldn’t even know it had been washed. Awesome!


I would like to take the opportunity to thank Sextoys.co.uk for sending me the Furry Fantasy Black Fox Tail Butt Plug in exchange for an honest and impartial review – this however in no way changes my opinion on the item. What I honestly think, you read! All images displayed of Furry Fantasy Black Fox Tail Butt Plug are taken by myself!

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