Satisfyer Partner Whale Review

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I had quite high expectations for the Satisfyer Partner Whale – after all it is manufactured by Satisfyer. A leading name in today’s sex toy industry.


I wasn’t sure what to expect when the Satisfyer Partner Whale arrived as I’ve previously mentioned I really don’t look into products that much before they arrive. I actually kinda hoped (like realllllllly hoped) it would have the same suction function the other Satisfyer toys have, but sadly, it doesn’t.


Like the other Satisfyer toys I own, the Partner Whale comes very minimally packaged. Inside the box sitting on a plastic molded tray is the toy and a USB charging cable and underneath, instructions. Basic and straight to the point – but what more do you need really?


I actually quite like the idea behind the toy – I love its aesthetics. The colour the Satisfyer Partner Whale comes in is seriously lush. It’s like a rich sea blue and I really wish more toys came in this colour rather than the more common pinks and purples. The ridged belly of whale, I am hoping will keep the toy in place while in use. Though, I will admit I’m not too hopeful to be honest holding it in my hands I can’t but pick out the bits I feel won’t work. I have been spoilt when I was given the chance to try out the Sync and while looking over the Partner Whale, I can’t help but compare the two. They are both designed and fit for the same purpose after all.



The Partner Whale is operated via a one button system – one that glows nearly as bright as the Penguin but thankfully, it doesn’t stay on while the toy is in use. It simply lights up when pressed, not really necessary in my opinion, but there you go. The toy has ‘eyes’ found at either side, these do nothing by the way -sorry if I was getting you excited there for a sec. I’m simply mentioning them because in my opinion they would be rather awesome as power controls allowing the toy to have multiple options of use but instead you have 10 modes. 10 mostly buzzy, loud modes that offer various speeds and patterns but I will admit a few are rather powerful and on lower power, some are kinda rumbly.

The toy is charged via magnetic charging similar to all the other Satisfyer toys and 2 hours charge time should provide roughly 1 hour worth of playtime.


Yes, I am sorry to say that I don’t, that we don’t like the Satisfyer Partner Whale very much.



The grooves that I expected to aid grip, in fact do nothing except be a pain in the ass to clean. The toy itself makes penetration alone hard. My OH found it hard to get inside while the Satisfyer Partner Whale was in place, making whale a very apt name for the toy. I actually tried to use the toy with a dildo as well to see if I could manage to make it work for me that but I was unsuccessful. The silicone can feel kinda draggy while in use too though my OH was more affected by that. I think that was down to the fact the Satisfyer Partner Whale kept ‘unhooking’ while in use. I had to hold it in place while he thrusted it and it still wanted to pop out.

This is why I mentioned the Sync – the Sync has hinges which allow it to fit and sit exactly how I want it to. The outer arm is wider than the inner to allow for easy clit stimulation and both arms have individual motors, which power on simultaneously. They don’t have an option to be controlled separately. I find the inner isn’t as powerful as the outer and because I couldn’t manage to get the Satisfyer Partner Whale to stay in place , I really cannot say but the times I was hooked, it didn’t do much for my g-spot!


The only positive thing I can say about the Satisfyer Partner Whale is I did manage to get off with it – which when it comes to my experiences with a toy I find Meh is usually hard for me to achieve but I did. While the toy was inserted, I found really exposing my clit and applying a lot of pressure to ping against it, worked. So if there was nothing else to hand…. However, it defeats the purpose. I really can’t recommend it to be honest – really disappointing toy.


 The Satisfyer Partner Whale was sent to me review in exchange for an honest and impartial review. This however in no way changes my opinion on the items. What I honestly think, you read!  All images displayed of the Satisfyer Partner Whale are taken by myself.


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