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Contraception and how it affected my cycle

by LSB

Below you’ll find a count of my journey with menstrual issues. Sadly I was rather lucky with my periods until I started using hormonal contraceptives. I know most folks use them to balance their cycles out – hormonal contraceptives arsed up things for me.

My lovely friend sub-Bee has created a new meme – Menstruation Matters on there you will find a collection of posts all telling you about their personal experiences – it’s def worth a snoop at.

My story with contraception has been a long, windy road. Pretty much every type out there, I’ve tried it.


I wasn’t on any contraception throughout my teens, I wasn’t sexually active so I didn’t see the point. I lost my virginity at 17. Since then any sexual partner I had, we always used a condom. I have always been very particular about protecting myself and have only have unprotected sex with two people in my life. One, I am married to and the other was another serious relationship who lost his virginity to me so therefore infections were never a worry. I was checked before we agreed to stop using condoms and still went regularly go for sexual health check-ups regardless as I am aware some certain infections don’t show symptoms. Since myself and my OH got really serious and 100% committed to just each other, we haven’t gone.


I went on the pill after I had my first child. Cilest. I stayed taking it for quite some time and had quite a happy relationship with it until I came off it after we decided to try for my second child. In the meantime, they stopped making it and I was given a new type when I went back t the doctor for my postnatal check up.  This version was ‘apparently’ the old one but under a new name, Ovranette. I had no side effects from it – in fact, you’d never know I had changed. Around now, my kidney infections had gotten more regular and I just didn’t have the confidence in the pill anymore – I asked my GP to sign me up for the Mirena. I was definite I didn’t want more children, well at that point anyway. My relationship was on the verges on going tits up and the last thing I wanted was another child. We split up and a few months later, I got with my now husband. The Mirena was fun, to say the least. Pokey strings, irregular bleeding. I got past all that for nearly four years but it was causing issues with my kidneys. So much so, I opted to get it taken out after the four years and it happens to coincide with us deciding to try for a child.


I breastfed, so didn’t use contraception. I was advised by my doc to go on Microlite after four months post partum and this was the worst possible thing that could have happened to me and my family. I spiraled. A depressive, long winding, suicidal spiral. Yes, you are reading that correctly.


A direct result from taking an oral contraceptive.


Of course, folk thought I had baby blues – I knew I didn’t. I didn’t hate my baby, reject my baby… I knew I didn’t have ‘typical’ symptoms but because it was so soon after having a child, it was, of course, the only reason I felt this way. I, however, knew my mind and body better and I took myself off it. I went back to my doc and explained the suicidal thoughts, migraines and generally feeling like total utter shit was a direct effect of the pill. Back to the Mirena for me. I protested explaining how badly the strings affected my sex life so he opted to try me with the Implanon, the bar as it sometimes known. And what a bloody train wreck that was, quite literally. Oh man – here was me worrying about the strings of the Mirena. I might as well have signed up for a vow of eternal chastity. Constant bleeding. I tried to let it ‘balance out’. Honestly, I did 6 months of it before I went back to the doc and explained I needed my sex life back. Definite we didn’t want more children, the Mirena went back in.

Yah! I too did wonder what my doctor was at suggesting the Mirena as my form of contraception – but I went ahead, trusted his advice and tried it again.


My periods were normal until I had my last child – since then, they have heavy. The Mirena helped – ish. But it made sex uncomfortable and I bled randomly. ‘Apparently’ removing and re-inserting can help improve issues folk can have with the Mirena so I listened to the advice I received (again!! *facepalm*) from my medical professional and got it fitted. Same outcome as first two goes. I was then referred (after much pleading) to the most amazing gynae who listened to my concerns and agreed to tie my tubes or female sterilization to give it, its correct title.


I haven’t looked back since!


It hasn’t been easy sailing though – after surgery, I needed more surgery(post on that coming up) and I don’t know if it was hormones but I felt broken. Non-feminine. Barren. Suddenly thoughts of my OH leaving me and starting over with someone else and having another child with them flooded my mind. I felt like this for a few weeks till my reality kicked in and I remembered why I had my tubes tied. As well as doing it for us, I did it for me. We didn’t want (and couldn’t afford) more children and if we broke up in the morning, I knew hand on my heart I didn’t want anymore with anyone else either. Though to break through to that point felt like forever.  Recovering time post op wasn’t too bad – it was all done through keyhole so the only scar I have after that particular op is in my belly button and on my pubic mound, which happens to sit under my landing strip so no one ever sees it.


Going from my personal experiences, I’ve been lucky. Lucky to get referred to a gynae who genuinely cares. He wants to fix me – I say wants as it still is an ongoing process. Remember my post on cervical cancer and my honest post on being broken. These are still ongoing issues. I’m still not fixed. I still suffer pain, I still need regular smears. One thing I am certain on is I am 100% happy to be free of fake hormonal contraception methods.




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Wriggly Kitty August 24, 2017 - 4:19 pm

Wow, that’s a hugely brave post and really important for people to read. It’s so easy to implicitly trust a GP’s advice yet they can’t know everything about everything and particularly with women’s issues, it seems, after sadly reading and hearing so many similar stories.

LSB August 24, 2017 - 5:14 pm

Thank you <3

No they certainly don’t – I nagged my GP constantly until he referred me to a gynae who listened to me. I genuinely have no idea what way things would have gone for me otherwise. I knew I couldn’t keep using hormonal contraception x

Luv bunny August 27, 2017 - 10:41 pm

Hormones mess with a lot of people. I was on Microgynon for 10 years or so. Didn’t think I had any issues with it, but I did have two depressive episodes, so now I’m wondering was it just me and my mind, or did the pill play a part??
The coil scares the bejesus out of me so I never wanted to opt for that which only leaves condoms…

So we make do with those.
It is what it is…

Elliott Henry August 30, 2017 - 4:50 pm

Having the right Doctor is so important. But who’s to know who is right at the time. This post needs a wider audience. What about a vasectomy for the OH? You would not have this issue.

Jo September 12, 2017 - 8:59 pm

Really interested to read more about your experience with tubal ligation; I’m trying to get one done this year because I’m done with hormones and I’ve had two copper coils expel themselves in the past year. I don’t want to go back on hormones because I was SO HAPPY when my boobs shrunk after going off bc pills! Kind of feels impossible to find a contraceptive method with no side effects… Thanks for writing about this. x

LSB September 17, 2017 - 11:02 am

<3 Hormonal bc sucks – I can’t but feel it causes more harm than good. I never ha the boobs effect( I’d have loved that lol). I will try get a post written up on my experiences soon as but in the meantime, please feel feel to ask any questions you may have . Pop me a dm on twitter x

Bee January 18, 2019 - 5:14 pm

This is such an important post and it’s giving me a kick up the butt to write my own account, or re-write the draft I’ve been ignoring for years!

Sweeten Dirty February 26, 2019 - 2:25 am

Thank you for sharing. I plan on doing my own birth control post soon, to follow up with my period post. I have been there with the doctors and bad advice.


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