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Review : Body Scratcher

by LSB

I still remember the first time I ever spotted one of these – it was well before we really got into evil things. I wasn’t really sure what it was, what it was used for or how you’d even go about using it. I do remember the intrigue it stirred and the want I felt for it though. The curiosity of something that oozed so much evil yet it was designed to be used on the body for play. I set out to research it and eventually found a stockist which charged a fortune to ship it to Ireland. At this time considering at this was so new to us, I talking maybe six years ago, I couldn’t justify the money for something I might never use.

It’s a body scratcher by the way or a metal claw hand essentially. It can be as sensual or as evil as you want it to be. You decide how exactly you want it to be felt. You decide the exact intention behind it by the amount of pressure that you apply behind it – or maybe no pressure at all. Keep reading and I shall elaborate.

The Body Scratcher is like an extension of your hand except it is made from stainless steel. The entire piece is approx just over 10 inches long – the claw is approx 4 inches and the handle is just over 6 inches. The claw has 5 fingers and is approx 2 and half inches wide.

The Body Scratcher has weight to it at 279g and holding it you know it means business. Surprisingly though, I expected it to weigh a lot more than it does. The claw feels solid, like completely solid throughout. The handle however feels like it is hollow which would explain why it isn’t as heavy as I expected. When it arrived, I gently pulled it along my skin – some of the prongs are super sharp and others are a little bit blunt in comparison so it is rather inconsistent from a manufacturing level, in my opinion. Though I only own one so I don’t have another to get a real comparison. Does this affect how I feel about the body scratcher considering it retails for £24.99? No, it doesn’t! If it were more expense, I would want perfection. I think for it’s price tag – it’s a pretty fun way to introduce a new level of sensory play.

If you read my review of the Double Duo Pinwheel, you’ll already know about me having to hold the pinwheel between my butt cheeks – and I had to do that while holding my legs in the air consistently at the perfect angle because if I didn’t, I’d have sunk some of these prongs into my butt. Yes, dear readers my OH had this body scratcher directly under my butt cheeks ready and evilly waiting to do some serious damage. And boy, was it a really fun night. Remember I was being flogged too – it was a hard task to maintain but I got rewarded afterwards and this deliciously looking implement was dragged all over my body providing me with some beautiful marks that radiated heat throughout my entire body. #Heaven


If used with force, the body scratcher can draw blood. For this reason it is really important that you take proper care when cleaning it. Use a proper antibacterial cleaning agent to make sure it is properly sterilized before next use. This is especially important if sharing toys between multiple people.


If interested you can purchase it from Bondara here


The Body Scratcher was sent to me from Bondara in exchange for an honest and impartial review – this however in no way changes my opinion on the item. What I honestly think, you read. All images of the Body Scratcher are taken by myself.


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