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Review: Tantus Vamp/ Super Soft Vamp

by LSB

Update review: The Super Soft Vamp.

 I really was not expecting to fall in love with the new Super Soft Vamp but I have – hook, line, and center.

I liked the original Vamp except it was a long, hard love affair to get there. Quite literally hard! The original Vamp is really firm – there is little to no give to the silicone whatsoever and at times I found this quite uncomfortable. It was a learning curve for me as I needed to learn how to adapt the original Vamp to suit my body.  You can continue reading all about the original just below but a *very quick spoiler * the new Vamp, however, is frigging amazing.

I don’t need to go through all its’ details because it matches the predecessor – in everything. Size, girth, circumference and diameter so please keep reading to find out all that.

The new super soft Vamp is rather magical. Why I hear you ask? Because dear readers, the new super soft vamp has the ability to get me to orgasm completely on its own without the Satisfyer Pro 2 or my trusty Tango – nothing else is required. Who would have thought something so squishy could make me Ooh and Aah like the super-soft Vamp does.

My favourite way, though I have tried many, to get off using the super-soft Vamp is to grab onto its suction cup end and thrust downwards. While doing so I push against my clit and I guess it’s like a reverse grind. Instead of me grinding against it, I work the dildo in such a way it is grinding against me. And it melts me. I have tried and tested this method several times so I know it’s not one of those ‘I’ll never recreate that moment’ again.

Again, like the original, the Super Soft Vamp is anal safe and harness compatible due to its flared base. It is also made from the same non-porous, body safe silicone as other Tantus items so it can be bleached, boiled or simply washed with sex toy cleaner to sanitize it.

Original Tantus Vamp Review:

My love affair with the Tantus Vamp started out on a rocky road! And it saddened me because I’ve wanted the Tantus Vamp for a really long time! As dildos go I don’t normally like realistic-looking ones but something made me seriously lust after it!

As I previously mentioned in my Cush review, packaging for Tantus items is colourful, minimalist, and again, a window in the box allowing you to see the Tantus Vamp straight away. I remember pulling it out of the delivery box and running to the window to see its pearlescent cream colour gleam in the sunlight! It might be a coincidence it being called a Vamp and gleaming but I automatically thought of Twilight and that scene where Edward gleamed in the sun! I wouldn’t be a huge Twilight fan but I do seriously love vampires! Teeth – it’s all about the teeth! Not one to usually fantasize when having a wank – I do however often think of vampires while using the Vamp!

As I previously said, it has been a rocky road to love the Vamp – I wasn’t expecting the silicone to be as firm as it is. There is very little, if any at all, squish to the Vamp! I hadn’t even thought of the possibility of it being like that before it arrived. My first go I didn’t really like it all – though to be fair I had just cum and my OH was on a mission to get me over the finish line again! It really didn’t feel good hitting off my already over-sensitive insides! Rested up and flipped on my belly though, it felt better and I actually asked if he has swapped to a different dildo ( I was blindfolded at the time). From behind and the angle my OH thrust, it really felt different. A good kind of different.I have thoroughly tested the Vamp and learned how to make it work for me.

The Vamp stands tall and proud – 8 inches tall to be precise including its base! It holds itself well – odd sentence to read but I’m hoping my pictures elaborate more for you. It leans slightly to one side – the head being quite prominent and heavy will because of that. The head takes up about 2 inches of its length and it has the most fantastic ridge that hits my g-spot as well as pinging off my public bone in way that makes me feel weak typing about it! It kinda hurts when I do it but it’s that pleasure-pain sensation that gets me off as I really do enjoy the pain it causes!

The Vamp, however, wouldn’t have the ability the make me cum on it’s own as it just isn’t curved enough for me. I do love to team it up with my Satisfyer Pro 2 though. The Vamp has an insertable length of 7 inches, a 5 inches of circumference, and a shaft diameter of 1.7 inches. None of those measurements are to be sniffed at. As I said above, I usually wouldn’t be interested in realistic dildos, I do however find myself comparing the Vamp to my OH’s cock in my head as I write this. The Vamp wouldn’t be as girthy as him, but the head of both is quite similar in appearance and because of this, I’m rather fond of the Vamp now! I also quite like the prominent vein that runs down the shaft as well as many other realistic bumps! I honestly can’t believe I am typing all that.

The flared base allows the Vamp to be used in a strap on as well as being anal safe! I found it’s super glossy surface glides more effortlessly against the skin in comparison to the Cush, which has a matt appearance. It also needed a lot less lube than I have used with other dildos too. I find the Vamp has made me look at the realistic-looking dildos differently – instead of an Ugh and now more of an Ooh!

Also, it’s worth mentioning as it’s silicone it can be bleached, boiled, or even thrown in the dishwasher to sanitize it. It is completely nonporous which gives the user many options on how to clean it as well as peace of mind while using it. 

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