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Review: Blush Novelties Hop Jessica Rabbit

posted by LSB June 19, 2017 1 Comment
Blush Novelties Hop Jessica Rabbit

Blush Novelties Hop Jessica Rabbit is just one out of the new Hop range at Blush – Question is did I pick out the right rabbit for me?

I love Blush – in fact I am happy to rave on about their yummy silicone to anyone who will listen. The Helio melts me and my insides. If I’m looking for a girthy fix, the Ergo ticks that box (and mine) really well! However, I had read a few mismatched reviews regarding toys that vibrated from Blush so I wasn’t really sure if I’d get on with any of the vibrating range.  Then the lovely Ducky over a Blush reached out and asked if I wanted to try out a toy from their ‘Hop’ range and the Jessica Rabbit hopped out at me… Too much ?!  I should probably get me coat and leave. HA! xD

Anyway I’ll cut to the chase because by god did I chose right. My husband pulled Jessica out from the box and wiggling it about before even powering her on claimed ‘you are so gonna love this’. And the man was right because I do. The shape. The silicone. The vibrations.

Anyway before I get carried away let’s go back to the usual review set up! The Blush Novelties Hop Jessica Rabbit arrives in minimal, clean cut packaging – simplistic. Inside USB charger cable and instructions. The box tells me it has two vibration points, 7 vibration functions and it’s 100% waterproof. It also mentions it’s charged via a magnetic charging point and it’s made from platinum cured, completely non porous silicone. Holding Jessica in my hand, she feels super soft. Velvety soft. The only seem present is the one found on the under side of the ears.

The charging system is quite impressive – a strong magnet keeps the cord firmly attached and flashes gently while charging. Once charged the light stays static. Charging takes approx 1.5 hours and this provides 1 hour of play. The entire piece is approx 8 inches – 3.5 inches insertable and it has a circumference of just over 4.5 inches.

It is powered on holding down the (+) button and powered off using (-). Each takes a while to happen. This is the only flaw with this toy in my opinion. Not so much the powering it on but trying to power it off. I love toys that power down super quick especially when you live with other people, this toy however is definitely one of those toys you need to lock the door for.

Apart from powering on/ off the (+)/(-) buttons do exactly the same thing. When (+) is pressed it moves through to the next speed or pattern and pressing (-), it goes back to the previously mode.

The Blush Novelties Hop Jessica Rabbit is deceivingly girthy – I am surprised at how full I actually feel using this toy.

It hits my g-spot with no effort required and delivers some seriously deep, rumbly vibes. The patterns mimic thrusting for me and if I tap on the end while it is inserted, it feels like I’m been taken for a ride. And a pretty awesome one at that.

Rabbits are finicky buggers – clit arm is too short, shaft isn’t long enough, girthy enough or the two don’t sync when thrusting but none of this is an issue with the Blush Novelties Hop Jessica Rabbit. The clitoral arm is seriously flexible – on insertion I usually pull back the ears so I can place the shaft exactly where I need it. I can actually thrust away holding the ears and they can comfortably stay in that position without them trying to ‘fight’ against me to find their actual correct position.  Discovering this made me wonder why the toy doesn’t have the option to control each motor separately. But to be honest, what do I expect for toy currently priced at under $54 dollars on the SheVibe website. I certainly didn’t expect it to climb to the top of my favourite dual vibes – yes this beats the my Nova. It also beats my GreedyGirl too.


I am happy to report the Blush Novelties Hop Jessica Rabbit provides me with deep, leg shaking orgasms that kind that start to build on insertion. The kind that keep building and building and leave me in breathless, panting climax. Awesome.

If interested you can purchase the Hop Jessica Rabbit here


I would like to take the opportunity to thank Blush Novelties for sending me the Hop Jessica Rabbit in exchange for an honest and impartial review – this however in no way changes my opinion on the item. What I honestly think, you read! All images displayed of Hop Jessica Rabbit are taken by myself!


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Vixen June 21, 2017 at 8:30 am

It’s making me go ‘Yumm’… to be as good as it looks is definitely an ask, thank you for the honest review.


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