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Review: Double Fun Duo Pinwheel

posted by LSB June 14, 2017 1 Comment

The want and the need for a decent pinwheel was strong – Would the Double Fun Duo Pinwheel finally be the one I was looking for?


There is something so ear provocatively sexy about the sound of a squeaky pinwheel that causes goose bumps to appear all over my entire body before the feeling of cold metal even touches me. 


I have had other pin wheels that have been rather Meh! I make it no secret I enjoy pain – I do. Very much so. What is seriously irritating is when you purchase a pinwheel in hopes it will provide you with that spikey goodness, that fulfills the needs that you require – and it doesn’t. That – that right there is so highly frustrating. So much so we have done without a pinwheel for quite a while. That was until I joined forces with Bondara and this little beauty caught my eye.



The Double Fun Duo Pinwheel arrived in pretty disappointing packaging if I’m honest. Shrink wrapped and put into a plastic sleeve that clearly wasn’t suitable because so many visible spikes were protruding out when I pulled it out of the postal packaging. However, this did spark excitement as maybe just maybe I might finally have a proper spikey pinwheel.


The Double Fun Duo Pinwheel looks and feels fantastic to hold. It oozes ‘I’m a mean mofo’ and excitement kicked in. 


The pinwheel itself is advertised on the Bondara website as being stainless silver. The product itself isn’t supplied with any information whatsoever. The pinwheel is weighty enough to hold – 81 grams and the ridged handle provides adequate grip even when hands are slippy and considering the spikes have quite a point that’s rather useful. It is also in my opinion, quite a good length – fits in my hand as well as my OH’s well. The Double Fun Duo Pinwheel is approx 6.5 inches in length – the handle makes up 5 inches and each head including their stems is 1.5 inches. From spike to spike, each head has a diameter of just under 1.5 inches. Each wheel has 22 spikes – yes, I did count them all. That means 44 spikes on every rotation will touch your skin – that’s some seriously delicious sensory play.



For example one session in particular, once my OH had ran the Double Fun Duo Pinwheel over my entire body to heighten and arouse all my senses.

 The task he then set, was for me to hold this pinwheel between my butt cheeks and of course, this was nearly next to impossible with a body scratcher under my butt cheeks and being flogged at the same. So of course, it dug in. The spikes are sharp and with pressure applied, they can and will draw blood. My butt did bleed but nothing serious.


However, for this reason, it is really important that anything that has the ability to draw blood – you take proper care when cleaning it. Use a proper antibacterial cleaning agent to make sure it is properly sterilized before next use. This is especially important if sharing toys among multiple people.


If interested you can purchase it from Bondara here


The Double Fun Duo Pinwheel was sent to me from Bondara in exchange for an honest and impartial review – this however in no way changes my opinion on the item. What I honestly think, you read. All images of the Double Fun Duo Pinwheel are taken by myself. Affiliates links have been used in this post.

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VanillaFreeSex October 1, 2019 at 4:16 pm

It’s so cool that you counted the spikes! Now that’s a thorough review. I do love Wartenberg wheels. My first experience with one was using the sewing version of one.


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