Review: Fun Factory Tiger G5 Black line

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I signed myself up to test the Fun Factory Tiger G5 Black line on a hunch – not usually a fan of internal textures – Would I enjoy this?

As you are probably aware internal textures aren’t usually my thing. In fact, any textured toys I own, I have given away. (yes, they were silicone or glass so they could be 100% sanitized). I recently reviewed the Iroha Kushi which is full of textures suitable for external use which I actually really enjoy. It arrived the same week as this Fun Factory Tiger G5 Black line and between the two, I learned exactly how to make external textures work for me.  I did however want to see if internal would work too.

Fun Factory packaging seems to be universal amongst all their products, well the ones I own all have arrived like this. Outer sleeve showcases item, once removed the usual pale gold box will greet you. All Fun Factory toys seem to run on the same click n’ charge charging system which means they all use the same charger. Which is awesome because 1. it’s red and will always jump out at me from the ever entangled charger box and 2. I know it will always charge my toy regardless if it is the original supplied charger or not and 3. FunFactory supply them separately in case you loose it. Also inside in the box was instructions on how to use your toy.

The Fun Factory Tiger G5 Black line takes 6/8 hours to charge and this provides 2 hours of playtime. I pop it on charge before I go to sleep and it’s done by the morning.  It flashes while charging.

The toy has 6 vibration strengths and 6 patterns. The Tiger comes travel locked which is super handy to save the toy buzzing into life when you are out and about should you wish to bring it on your travels. To unlock it hold down the FUN button and (+) together – it flashes briefly to let you know it’s been unlocked. Same applies to lock it but the (-) button is used instead. In general –  Press the FUN button, followed by (+)/(-) button and it will fire into life when there is no lock in place. Like my Miss BI – the Tiger G5 Black line has the same finger loop handle which is super comfortable to hold and I personally find it very aesthetically pleasing.

The vibrations produced by the Tiger are quite deep and rumbly – it nearly growls when it’s powered on. The vibrations are felt throughout the entire toy from base to tip even though, I think the motor is lying more near the base. The toy is really quiet and if under a duvet wouldn’t be heard in use. It has an insertable length of approx 4.5 inches and the circumference is also approx 4.5 inches.

I am genuinely surprised at how squishy the ridges/tiger stripes are. I really expected them to be harder. Now, don’t get me wrong they are firm but that firmness has squish. Some seriously glorious squish and suddenly fears that we might not get on – vanished. I couldn’t wait to try this kitty out.

Like other Fun Factory toys I tried – I needed loads of lube. I mean loadssss. The silicone used to make Fun Factory toys is really unusual, feels awesome and strangely grainy while washing it however never feels that way in use. It’s quite puzzling. Soft, squishy, grainy. It is extremely draggy in use though – Fun Factory toys seem to drink lube so it really is important to load it on before use and sometimes, I need to reapply during use. Though that depends on how rough I’m being. The silicone however, feels amazing during use – smooth, soft and squishy. That grainy texture is no where to be seen or felt which is why it baffles me I can feel it while I wash it. And of course, everything sticks to it. Everything – it loves fluff. It needs to be washed before use, every time.

I love to load up the toy and my clit with lots of lube before use. Because the Fun Factory Tiger G5 Black line is so squishy, I can apply quite a lot of pressure in use and allow it to ping across my clit. I prefer to point the Tiger downwards while inserted as the nubby bit on the shaft act like rabbit ears and the ridges pop against my internal pubic bone in a way I find rather pleasurable. Usually I would find internal textures painful and directing the Tiger this way allows me to be quite forceful with it. This of course, brings me climax quite quickly.

The Tiger G5 Black line can be used anally because of the little nub – I however haven’t tried it out.

I wasn’t expecting to enjoy the Fun Factory Tiger G5 Black line as much as I do. I had hoped the ridges would be this squishy but I wasn’t expecting firm squish which is seriously awesome.

I was recently sent the BÜCK DICH for review which has the Tiger body and a silicone paddle attached. I have no doubts we are going to get on especially after how much I enjoy using the Tiger G5 Black line.

This Fun Factory Tiger G5 black line were sent to me exchange for an honest and impartial review – this however in no way changes my opinion on the item. What I honestly think, you read!  All images displayed of Fun Factory Tiger G5 black line are taken by myself!


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