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Super soft, squishy silicone – is it Iroha Kushi too soft for me?

You really have to Ooh and Aah regarding the packaging for the Iroha Kushi – it really is top notch and oozes classy and expensive. The toy itself and the charge kit are supplied in two separate boxes surrounded by a cardboard sleeve which proudly displays a picture of the toy itself.

The Iroha Kushi sits inside a clear topped case, which doubles up as the charging stand as well a pretty display storage case when not in use. This arrives in the first box. Inside the second, you’ll find instructions, charge cable and a plug ( mine happened to be a 2 prong as there wasn’t a 3 prong plug available but usually, a plug to suit where you live is supplied). The toy charges magnetically via the control buttons on the underneath and the metal on the stand – you simply just connect the two. It can be charged while the lid is on.

The toy takes approx 2 hours to charge and this provides 1 hour of playtime if the toy is on continuously. I find I get longer play time than that.

The Iroha Kushi is very easy to use. Simply hold the (+) button and it will power into life, also use the (+) button to flick through the various patterns and vibrations. Holding the (-) button for a few seconds will power off the toy and will also back track if you preferred the previous pattern.  The Iroha Kushi has 5 vibration strengths and 2 rhythm patterns. The usual low, getting higher and higher vibrations as well as two pulse style rhythms. I do find personally, at the higher speeds say 4 and 5 – I find the Kushi to be quite buzzy going by the sound of my ear so it will be interesting to see if my buzzy hating clit gets on with it. I have lately come across a few toys that have surprised me, this one in particular that have sounded buzzy, have in fact felt the opposite in use, actually have felt bloody amazing in use so here’s hoping.

The material used to make the Iroha Kushi is nothing like I have felt before. It is possibly the softest, squishiest toy I have ever felt. The day it arrived I literally spent my time poking and squeezing it. As well as that the material is also designed to be anti dust and lint meaning like most other silicone toys – this one doesn’t attract dust like a magnet. I love this because there are so many ridges on the Kushi – it really would be a pain to clean otherwise. And yes, this coating does actually work. The entire piece is waterproof too – so it can live up to seaside appearances and take a dip with you in the bath if you so wish.

I was originally intrigued by the Iroha Kushi because of all those ridges – the first Iroha toy I’ve tried I was not expecting it to be super soft and squishy. That has been a welcomed surprise. I wouldn’t be a huge fan of internal textures however my clit enjoys it – very much so. I really do enjoy lathering the Kushi with water based lube, exposing my clit and pinging the ridges against it. I tease myself doing so because that alone won’t make me come, it does however get me very close. Like, on the verge close. The toy itself in use does supply rather rumbly vibes which are strong enough to get me to come. Now, don’t get me wrong – it doesn’t blow my head off but I am in favour of toys which take me longer to get over the finish line as an end result can be rather mind blowing. The Kushi can and does do that for me because of how much I enjoy the multiple ridges. I also enjoy how rough I can be with it in use – I can really push down on it or even grind against it without hurting myself.

As well as all that, the pointed, squishy tip delivers direct pin point stimulation to my clitoris and I find when I stay within the lower speeds, the Kushi really delivers those deep, rumbly vibes I crave, need and enjoy.

Was I surprised…? Hell, ya. I wasn’t expecting the Iroha Kushi  to get me off.

Really unusual sensations are supplied by the Iroha Kushi. Deep, rumbly vibes with a super, soft body which deliver pinpoint or broad stim. It really is an all round toy.

If interested you can purchase the Iroha Kushi from SheVibe

The Iroha Kushi was sent to me from TENGA in exchange for an honest and impartial review – this however in no way changes my opinion on the item. What I honestly think, you read!  All images displayed of Iroha Kushi are taken by myself!

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