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Review: Bad Kitty Acrylic handle flogger

posted by LSB May 27, 2017 0 comments

Not usually a lover for floggers but the  Bad Kitty Acrylic Handle Flogger really appealed to me – was I right to be interested in it?

The box for Bad Kitty Acrylic Handle Flogger isn’t the most appealing box. In fact in my opinion, it really doesn’t showcase the flogger well. If you read my review of the Bad Kitty swing, you’ll already know I dislike this type of packaging. I personally think her ass reddened by the flogger might be a suitable alternative. Anyway, enough babbling about the box – it really doesn’t do this beautiful flogger any justice.

The Bad Kitty Acrylic Handle Flogger is made from suede, deliciously scented suede that got me excited the minute I pulled it out of the sealed plastic bag it came in. Seriously it smells sooo good – 36 strands of suede leather. The flogger has quite a decent weight to it – the handle itself is quite weighty. You know holding it it will pack a punch in use.

The handle is made from acrylic – which in this case is a hardened thermoplastic which looks like glass. With the addition of the chrome plated ball at the top of the flogger and the band around the handle – it gives an expensive feel to the whole product.

The flogger is well made and those strands aren’t going any where any time soon. I pulled on them with quite a lot of force and they are seriously strong. Tightly compacted together – they delivered thuddy whacks that really feel like were being delivered by a paddle. However, the big difference is those thuds are followed through with tiny stings that feel rather spectacular. I am really surprised by the sensations the Bad Kitty Acrylic Handle Flogger supplies. Floggers usually aren’t my favourite – I’m usually a lover of canes and crops. I enjoy the sting. However, this flogger has me wanting more – the thuds heat up my ass nicely and prolonged use provides me with that sting I lust after.

Of course it’s just a bonus it smells as good as it does. It adds to the build up – dragged across my entire body or simply tickling my face allowing me to smell its delicious aroma, this flogger delivers every time we have used it. Depending on the intent – it can be as sensual or as evil as you want. Used as a foreplay toy, it heightens all the senses. Used to deliver impact, it delivers sweet blows that I really didn’t think a flogger could deliver. This Bad Kitty Acrylic Handle Flogger really has opened my eyes to how awesome floggers can be.

If interested on the red marks this flogger leaves you can check them out here.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank Orion for sending me the Bad Kitty Acrylic Handle Flogger in exchange for an honest and impartial review this however in no way changes my opinion on the item. What I honestly think, you read! All images displayed of the Bad Kitty Acrylic Handle Flogger are taken by myself! No affiliate links have been used in this post.

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