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Review: Pleaser Adore 2043

by LSB

Wow – these  Pleaser Adore 2043 boots really ooze Boss, don’t they ? Are they worth the price tag though?

I have admired Pleaser shoes for a very long time but that want didn’t become a need until I was given the chance to review the Demoniq Ilse catsuit and the model was wearing a pair very similar to these Pleaser Adore 2043 boots. The lovely folks over at Latex, Leather and Lace made made my dream a reality and sent me over the suit and these delicious looking boots for review.

I really wasn’t expecting the box to be this big – like it’s huge. I dunno what I was expecting maybe for the boots to be slightly bent over to make the packaging smaller or something which I’m glad of course it isn’t as they would probably be creased but yes, the box is huge. The packaging for the Pleaser Adore 2043 boots really is top notch – you know opening the lid something wonderful is going to be underneath. Well packaged throughout – each boot is surrounded by printed Pleaser paper before being sealed in clear plastic. They are separated by a sheet of strong cardboard to protect them in transport. I really love the addition of the printed Pleaser paper – really adds an expensive feel to the boots.

The boots are beautiful – an absolute bitch to photograph due to all the metal and how shiny they are. Not the most ideal model considering how reflective they are – I’m spose to be maintaining an anonymous profile and it was like photographing a mirror.

The entire boot is patent even the heels and platform of the shoes. Comprising of 16 buckles in total – 8 down each side. They are fully customizable with 3 buckle holes beside each buckle. Like that really does give a lot of room to customize exactly how you need them. My calves are approx 15 inches in circumference and I wear them on the second buckle hole on each side. The buckle straps themselves are approx 9 inches. The boot also has a ‘tongue which runs the entire length of the boot. This is there to provide extra coverage and maintains the entire shiny look.

These boots have a 7 inch heel, 2 and half inch platform base and are surprisingly comfortable to wear despite the folks over at Latex, Leather and Lace worrying about my safety.


The boots have a full length of approx 17 inches and sit about 2 inches below my knee. The zip runs along the inner side and because of all the buckle holes-  I had no issues zipping them up. The shoe themselves are very accommodating – I am known to have wide feet and I don’t feel any bit cramped in them. I received my correct show size to test and they are true to size.

Overall – I feel the quality is second to none. Yes, I know they are expensive but they are an investment. I know when I buy shoes, especially high ones I worry about the heel(s) snapping or coming away from the sole but I can guarantee you these shoes were designed to kick ass and I have no doubt whatsoever that these shoes will have a longer life span than me.

If interested,you can check me out wearing these boots here, here and here. Also my avi on my Twitter is me in these boots.

These Pleaser Adore 2043 boots were sent to me from Latex, Leather and Lace in exchange for an honest and impartial review – this however in no way changes my opinion on the item. What I honestly think, you read!  All images displayed of Pleaser Adore 2043 boots are taken by myself!


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