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Review: So Divine Sweetest Taboo Wand

posted by LSB May 18, 2017 0 comments

Sweetest Taboo wand – Was it really going to be sweet? 

 I had read quite a lot of positive comments regarding the So Divine Sweetest Taboo Wand so I was pretty excited when I was approached to review it. Not familiar with So Divine as a company but when it comes to packaging they have nailed it with this toy. I love decent packaging – in fact if decent I will hoard it as I find it will always come in handy for storing plugs etc.

The So Divine Sweetest Taboo Wand comes cased in a pretty, strong cardboard box which showcases the toy. Inside, I was pleasantly surprised to see a plug supplied that actually is useful as it has 3 prongs. Also inside with your wand is a storage bag, USB charge cable and a leaflet about the brand. The toy gives approx 120 minutes of play time.  The toy is magnetically charge via two metal discs found on the underside of the toy.

The So Divine Sweetest Taboo Wand isn’t really in my opinion a ‘wand’ as such it just sports the usual wand head.

To turn on/power off the toy you hold the centre button of a few seconds until a static white light comes on.Now here is where this toy is completely different. Each end vibrates. The </> arrows depict which side will power on and flicking on those same buttons will flick through the patterns. This really captured my full attention. The toy is 100% rigid with no flexibility to it whatsoever with the exception of the head which can rotate.

Each side has 10 different patterns which already preset at that speed. You cannot increase/decrease speeds at either side of the toy. The website states the toy is whisper quiet – it most definitely isn’t the loudest toy I own but it isn’t the quietest either. Unfortunately both sides cannot function at the same time so if you had plans for dual use – this isn’t an option.

The wand side is quite rumbly. On lower speeds it really has the ability to deliver quite deep, rumbly thuddy vibes which I love and can easily give me satisfying clitoral orgasms. It is quite good for body massage as it can really penetrate the tissues well. The head can rotate unlike other wands I own and this really is quite an advantage while giving a shoulder massage as the had can glide around the blades easily.

The handle/shaft side is insertable however sounds like a wasp! It’s noisy, numbs me and does nothing for my insides. I actually have nothing positive to say regarding this side. It is a shame because it is a rather clever inside if this side delivered. I guess if you enjoy both rumbly and buzzy vibes this really could be the toy for you.

I also dislike the grooves in the buttons and around the top of the toy where the wand joins the handle. They are all quite deep and gunk clings to them. The toy is however 100% waterproof so this helps when trying to clean it. It isn’t loud under the water which is a benefit as some waterproof toys I own can be quite loud while in the bath.

Overall, I am impressed with the ergonomics and overall aesthetics of the toy – it’s not heavy to hold, waterproof, body safe and if it wasn’t for those buzzy vibes it really would be a perfect toy for me.

If interested you can buy the So Divine Sweetest Taboo wand (In purple, it also has a different name) at     Lovehoney UK |


The So Divine Sweetest Taboo Wand was sent to me in exchange for an honest and impartial review – this however in no way changes my opinion on the item. What I honestly think, you read!  All images displayed of So Divine Sweetest Taboo Wand are taken by myself!

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