Review: Laid D.2 Stone dildo

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A weighty stone dildo that boosts a promising g-spotting ridge. The Laid D.2 looks like it would tick all the right boxes. Question is – did it?

Well for the exact intended purpose – no , it didn’t!  I’ll explain in a bit why.

I love my Rave – it’s shape really works for my body so of course I lusted after the Laid D.2. The D.2 boasts the same asymmetrical shape the Rave has. As well as that it is made from black granite – a weighty, non porous, body safe material with the ability to maintain temperatures.

The packaging for the Laid D.2, like the Laid B.1, has a very natural, rustic vibe which is appropriate considering the D.2 is made from a natural material. Black granite that is approx 500 million years old. When you read that you’d automatically think, well I know I did, it would be rough or have lumps and bumps or ridges in it but the D.2 is so smooth, highly polished and completely ridge free. And to be honest when it is lubed up it turns into a seriously slippy mofo! I do wish it had stippled sides to give some bit of grip.

There is no denying it’s a simply stunning piece – as I took these pictures I couldn’t help but admire how beautiful it looked as its marbled pattern glistened under the sunlight. It made me feel even more gutted that I don’t get on with it.

The D.2 isn’t huge by measurements but in weight it feels massive. It is just over 8 inches in length and just over 4 inches in circumference around the head. It’s weighty, rigid body feels like it stretches me more than it should and my insides seriously dislike it. I’ve tried more times than I probably should have but an intimate relationship between the D.2 and myself will never exist.

The box tells me it weights 422g while my scales tell me 484g. The box also tells me the flattened head is the insertable shaft while the pointed end is the handle. Not really sure why the is clarified to be honest as it is all made from same material so personally I think it would be down to preference. I tried both and I found the pointed edge less ouchy. Still it wasn’t enough to win me over.

It’s not all negative though. The stone material means it is temperature responsive = EXCELLENT MASSAGE TOOL 😀 By putting it in warm water, it heats up and retains temperature well. And of course, if you like cool toys, the same applies putting it into cooler water too. Also the stone material means any medium can be used – water based, oil, silicone.

It is a shame I don’t get on with the Laid D.2 for its exact purpose but don’t let my experiences and fussy insides put you off. There are so many positive reviews out there.

You can purchase the Laid D.2 at the following stores:

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 The Laid D.2 was sent to me from Laid in exchange for an honest and impartial review – this however in no way changes my opinion on the item. What I honestly think, you read!  All images displayed of Laid D.2 are taken by myself! Affiliate links have been used in this post.

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