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Review: Doc Johnson Booty Bling

posted by LSB May 4, 2017 0 comments

Wanna be able to bend over and have your butt sparkle? The Booty Bling can do just that!

I love shiny things – I guess in a former life I could have been a magpie. Anything glittery does get my attention. Surprisingly I didn’t already own a sparkly butt plug so when the lovely folks over a PeepShowToys asked if I’d be interested, I jumped at chance.

The packaging for the Booty Bling is fairly basic -toy displayed on it, bright and colourful. Inside sitting on a molded plastic case in a hygienically sealed bag is your plug.

I was sent large to review – which in my opinion isn’t huge. It has a tapered end which makes it easy to insert. I lashed on the water based lube because even though it is made from really smooth, silky soft silicone it does kinda drag. It isn’t painful by any means but for comfort, I feel it’s best.

In use, the Booty Bling plug does have a bit of weight to it. It is 59g and it can be certainly felt in use to give that ‘full’ feeling. it is approx 4 inches in entire length. The bulb itself is approx 2.5 inches and 5 inches in circumference at it’s widest point. There is quite a bit of stem between the bulb and the top of the plug which I love because I find it makes it more comfortable in use especially if it’s worn during sex. Which of course in my opinion is what this plug is all about – bending over and showcasing the pretty sparkly purple jewel. Because the end of the Booty Bling is round – it didn’t interfere with sex. Sometimes T-bar plugs can get in way but thankfully this isn’t an issue here.

Again, I used plenty of water based lube when I was removing the plug.

The entire piece bar the jewel is made from seam free silicone. The sides where the jewel sits do fold down so it worth watching that in case it clogs up with gunk. I have pulled at the sides and tugged at the jewel and it is held securely in place.

I didn’t opt to boil the plug to clean it because of the adhesive used to hold the jewel down. I felt I’d either soften it and it would come loose or instead contaminate the water.

Overall, the Doc Johnson Booty Bling is a comfortable, well made plug which makes my butt look pretty and doesn’t interfere with sex so it gets a thumbs up from me.

The Doc Johnson Booty Plug was sent to me review in exchange for an honest and impartial review from Peepshow Toys . This however in no way changes my opinion on the items. What I honestly think, you read!  All images displayed of the Doc Johnson Booty Plug are taken by myself!

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