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Rumbly. Silicone. Rechargeable. New Pleasure Pulse technology and made by We-Vibe – Sounds like a the magic combination. Does the Wish work for me though?



First things first – I seriously love the colour of the Wish. And secondly I love how squishy it is. I needed to get that declaration out before I go any further. 

OK so back to usual review progression – packaging.  The Wish packaging is identical to all my other We- Vibe toys (well with the exception of the Sync). I still own all the other boxes because I love them. They make fantastic storage because of how strong/pretty they are and I have turned it into a Pokemon style addiction of wanting to collect them all :0 Inside the box you’ll find your wish, obv?, instructions, storage bag and charging cable.  I was pleasantly surprised to find We-Vibe have adapted the charging method of the Nova for the Wish (Yesssssss!) instead of the usual Tango/Touch style charging. This pleases me greatly. The Nova and now the Wish’s charging system is fantastic – a strong magnet ended USB charging cable attaches to the base of the toy and it does not budge. Charging time takes approx 90 minutes and will provide approx 2 hours playtime. It also has a lower battery indicator (on/off button) which will flash at the bottom of the Wish. 

The Wish has been designed to offer broad vulva stimulation particularly for the internal and external clitoral nerves and I for one will admit We-Vibe have nailed it. Well, there is a few flaws in my opinion but I’ll explain that in a minute. 

The Wish weighs approx 168g and is very comfortable to hold. As I mentioned previously it is rather squishy, especially the tip. The tip is slightly tapered for precision play but for me, I rather enjoy the Wish for foreplay – to build me up rather than getting me running over the finish line. It does however, get me there – it takes longer than normal though because even though it is rather nice – that squishy tip insulates and dampens the rumbly vibes the Wish produces. As well as that, I have learned I really need pinpoint stimulation and the Wish really is designed with broad stimulation – say how a wand penetrates.  

Claiming to have new Pleasure Pulse technology, I wonder what this was all about. It is certainly different. It jiggles about in my hand and has the ability to move my fingers. It’s odd trying to explain it but I held it opposite my Tango/Touch as a comparison and they feel completely different. I feel the vibrations somehow penetrate deeper than my other We-Vibe toys would. The Wish really does bring something new to the bar. 

Now, as I mentioned it does have flaws. I have explained the dampening of vibes due to the silicone but also it’s power button and the ability to flick through the patterns in use. It’s a pain in the ass! The power/mode button is fairly stubborn to press and that’s when I’m looking directly at it so can you imagine what it like when lube and darkness are involved. 

However the Wish has the ability to be controlled by the We- Connect App. It can be downloaded via the App/Play store and makes controlling the Wish soooo much easier. Hold the power button until it vibrates twice and you are connected. You can customize play, make your own patterns and even get your partner to control it. The app is controlled similar to how the Sync/Nova/Rave and I’ve gone into more detail in those reviews on how to set it up and operate it. 

Another well made addition to the We-Vibe family except this one feels different. It feels different in both texture and how it operates. The squishy/rumbly combination makes the Wish my new favourite foreplay toy. It keeps me ticking over and when I’ve been built up enough has the ability to tip me over. 


The Wish was sent to me from We-Vibe in exchange for an honest and impartial review – this however in no way changes my opinion on the item. What I honestly think, you read!  All images displayed of Wish are taken by myself!

If interested you can purchase the Wish from these various sites:

LovehoneyUK | LovehoneyUS | PeepShow Toys | Betty’s ToyBox | Shevibe

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