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Review: Hot Octopuss Pulse III

posted by LSB March 24, 2017 2 Comments

Hot Octopuss Pulse range has won a serious amount of awards and because of this, I was seriously delighted and excited to be sent one of the latest upgraded versions – Hot Octopuss Pulse III Duo for review. Did it work work us?

Total newbies to the Hot Octopuss Pulse range – we really hadn’t a clue what to expect. The outer packaging showcases the toy as well as the different ways the Pulse III unit can be used. Inside, the toy, instructions, remote (battery supplied) and USB charger. The box is exactly made to measure – there is no faffing about regards packaging wastage which I like. The storage bag has Hot Octopuss printed across the bottom of it – again, another a feature I like as my collection is starting to build, it can be a bugger to source out exactly which bag holds what. 

Strong magnetic charger means it won’t disconnect while charging. The unit takes approx three hours to charge. This will give you about an hour play time. We found if using both motors on higher settings it does die quicker than the hour. There isn’t really a warning it is going to die either – it just stops.

Once charged, I fired it into life. I was concerned regards how loud our unit was and set out to research noise levels. Reviews mentioned it was loud but our unit was loud. I contacted Hot Octopuss about my concerns and a new unit was sent out. There really is a significant difference in the noise levels so I must applaud Hot Octopuss for their customer service and understanding because now we can really appreciate the Hot Octopuss Pulse III what what it really is.

The Hot Octopuss Pulse III is very simple to use. It can be used while you are hard or flaccid depending on your mood or type of play.

The unit is open – flexible wings open out to accommodate any girth. Though from our experiences, the wider you are – lube is recommend in use. I’ll explain about that though further down. The power button is on the left side of the unit and it doubles up as a mode button which allows you to flick through the 5 patterns. On the right side, (+) and (-) buttons allow you to decrease/increase power. The (-) will also power the toy off.

The unit comes with a remote which controls the outer motor only. The outer motor cannot be used on its own and my OH wished it did. He loves how powerful the vibrations are and if wanting a sneaky play, the outer motor is quieter than the PulsePlate vibrations.

Apologies regarding lint in photos – silicone is like a magnet for lint.

First – a bit of back round info about my OH: He isn’t a huge lover of vibrations. He was a bit skeptical about trying out the world’s first guybrator. My excitement was only really what spurred him on. I have bought him a wand attachment – that many male bloggers love and well, he likes it but it’s been used a few times since we got it.


*Insert huge grinning face here*.

Finally, he has been converted to vibrating toys and has gone as far to refer to himself as a “Self confessed power queen” as he loves both motors on full whack. I must admit I get a serious kick being in control of the remote which powers the outer motor – watching him play enjoying the vibrations and turning it off when I could see his body start to build. It makes for some very interesting fun. 


The disc in the centre of the unit (it has the crown on it) is the PulsePlate and it is what makes the Pulse III as good as it is. You can pop yourself flaccid, you don’t even need to stroke and the oscillations from the PulsePlate work their magic. My OH however prefers to be hard using the unit and also likes to drown it in lube so it glides along his shaft. He places himself in it, head sitting on the PulsePlate, whacks it up and turns on the outer motor which creates vibrations which run down his shaft. And he loves it. I really enjoyed holding the remote for this but was eventually given out for stopping/starting it. *Smug Face* 

He said he finds it easier to use slightly twisted and can change the speed/mode using one hand if the unit it is held tightly in his palm. However feels it’s easier just to swap hands. He has mentioned he can feel desensitized if using the unit without lube as it’s just sitting there. I must admit I quite enjoyed the fact he felt this as I have explained this can happen to my clit – he never understood that sensation till now. I guess this is why he prefers using lube. 


I really didn’t expect much from this as a duo unit. It really has been one of those situations where you don’t judge a book. I couldn’t understand why he enjoyed the outer vibrations that much because to me, they sound buzzy. I had basically ruled them out for doing anything for me. Anyone who is a regular reader of my blog will know – I don’t get on with buzzy vibes whatsoever. However, the vibrations produced by the outer motor sound buzzy, kinda feel buzzy but in use with the PowerPlate feel rumbly. I have no idea why and I have no idea why it works but it does. We really enjoyed using this toy for foreplay as it is totally different from anything else we own. We found using it without him covered in lube will keep the Pulse III in place better but it glides along his shaft better with lube and of course, it’s more enjoyable for me covered in lube too. I felt I was gonna squash his cock or worse ping his balls while using the Duo function but it is genuinely extremely comfortable and apart from the noise and of course, the feeling of the vibrations from the unit – it really doesn’t interfere with intimacy. I can’t orgasm from it – though this is more down to the broad vibrations. I usually need pinpoint vibrations to get my fussy clitoris there. It does however provide me with very adequate foreplay. The fact, I am sliding the Pulse III along his shaft using my hips alone mind fucks me enough that I am *nearly* there when we decide we have had enough toys and swap over to just us. 

Cleaning the unit is simple as it’s completely waterproof. However it is worth watching the ridges around the PowerPlate and also on the bottom of the unit. Lube and gunk can get trapped here so just keep an eye while scrubbing. Also the entire unit is made from silicone so only use water based lube with it. 

Overall, we are both impressed with the Hot Octopuss Pulse III. Build quality is fantastic, clean up is simple. It has added a completely new dimension to our foreplay. It has converted my OH and he really enjoys vibrations now. The noise levels are a bit loud but in couples use are a lot quieter due to both our bodies being against it. Really impressed at how well it aids foreplay – I don’t think there is another toy out there like it. 

Buy the Pulse III directly from Hot Octopuss here

The Hot Octopuss Pulse III was sent to me from Hot Octopuss in exchange for an honest and impartial review – this however in no way changes my opinion on the item. What I honestly think, you read!  All images displayed of Hot Octopuss Pulse III are taken by myself!

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Elliott Henry March 27, 2017 at 3:25 pm

I too love the Pulse III. Good vibrations indeed, and it’s not long before I have to grab the lube. I give it a perfect 10.

Elliott Henry March 27, 2017 at 3:25 pm

I too love the Pulse III. Good vibrations indeed, and it’s not long before I have to grab the lube. I give it a perfect 10.


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