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Review: Tenga AIR-TECH Twists Masturbators

by LSB

This was to be our first real experiences with Tenga – I was pretty darn excited for these to arrive and I am to be honest, rather jealous of his cock. Did he enjoy the Twists as much as I hoped he would?

We had previously tried eggs but they never really impressed my other half. To be honest, I was half thinking he had no interest in toys for him until I purchased another stroker and well soon discovered, I was wrong. 

We were sent both versions of the new Tenga AIR-TECH Twists – Ripple(blue) and Tickle(red) for review. Please note for the duration of the review I will be referring to them as red and blue for no other reason than I find I get the names mixed up and the Ripple while I having been talking about it to my OH is often called Tipple 😀 Tickle and Tipple (LOL) So it’s probably best we stick with red and blue!

So to recap Red = Tickle and Blue = Ripple. 


The packaging for the Twists is minimal – an outer plastic sleeve covers the casing. On it you’ll find instructions for use, a care label and it’s hygienically sealed. At the very top of the casing, there is a sticker covering the hole that creates a vacuum and this needs to be removed before use. Once the outer plastic sleeve is removed, the actual casing is just plain black with either a blue/red lid and is perfect in case you happen to leave a Twist lying around as it’s very inconspicuous looking. Inside the sleeve, you’ll find a test tube looking container filled with lube which Tenga say is enough for one use. There is plenty in it – in fact I’d go as far as saying you’d get at least three uses. He keeps swapping between tubes so I can’t say for definite exactly how much – plus it all depends on how much lube you enjoy. One might use it all or someone else very little. My OH has found the red twist uses more lube than the blue version.

The cap first all, is an absolute bugger to get off. I have found the easiest way is to slightly squeeze the outer casing and use a nail to ping it off. Honestly – it is a serious pain. We both have found this so it’s not a female thing by the way. We both have said we wished it was a screw cap lid. 

Each version has an internal length of approximately 6 and half inches. The sleeves are made from thicker TPE than the TENGA eggs will last longer provided they are looked after. The material is really soft and squiggy and when they have reached body temperature are very realistic to touch. Not usually a material I would be happy with my OH sticking his cock in but unfortunately to get the ‘real feel’ feel, TPE is the way to go for dick pleasure. It is important to use the correct lube with these sleeves as anything other than the lube provided or a water based lube will damage the material. The material is completely odour free.


Each TWIST has 5 different settings that are changed by, yes you guessed it, twisting the top depending on how ‘loose’ or ‘tight’ you want it. An innovative design that allows you complete control over your pleasure.


My OH loves the lube that is included – aptly named TENGA hole lotion. Tenga include the REAL version of this lube with the Twists – it is however available in other variations. This is quite extraordinary as he usually hates lube. He feels it’s very realistic feeling, non sticky and replaces actual body fluids quite well. He does however feel it does dry out slightly if using the vacuum feature, which stands to reason really, however this doesn’t affect his over all feelings and we will purchase more of it. For his use – not mine. Wayyyy too many ingredients I dislike to use this lube for actual penetration. I am however extremely pleased he has found one suitable for his needs.


The red Twist is the more textured sleeve out of the two. Full of spongy nubs and soft spikey ridges and is more suitable for someone looking for a more non realistic internal texture. The entire sleeve is a dream for people who love texture. Doesn’t feel realistic to him (mimicking a woman) but finds the nodules are over emphasized and it’s enjoyable. He loves the feeling of ‘popping’ in and out of the red version. Prefers the red one on loosest setting – feels it can cause chaffing when used on tighter settings. He would go as far as saying when on the tightest setting – it actually hurts. He also feels the suction isn’t that great using the red version. 


He expected to really enjoy the textures of the red twist however, was pleasantly surprised at how realistic the internal textures of the blue version are. He adores the blue version – the suction works much better and feels the twist feature is easier to manoeuvre with the blue sleeve. However, with more use feels the red did loosen up a bit. He really enjoys how well the suction works with the twist, it encases his shaft and literally can blow the head off him very quickly without realizing how close he actually is. 

The TWIST mechanism in both works extremely well and when fully twisted had to force himself inside either of the sleeve.s The outer casing is comfortable to hold in use. Used more lube with the red version than the blue. 


There are downfalls though. The cap as mentioned is so hard to take off. The casing can be hard to hold once lubed up as well as using the twists. It might work better with a textured twist cap. The sleeve slightly dislodges in play – this however doesn’t affect use or affect how he feels about the toy. When using the vacuum, the toy can produced some squidgy noises in use depending on how much lube is in the canal. Again, this doesn’t affect him – he just said I should mention it in case noise is an issue for some. 

Clean up is seriously easy with these. Remove sleeve, turn inside out, wash well under warm water and pat dry. Rinse outer casing, dry and insert. Previous experience with another TPE sleeve he owns made me feel they would need maintenance power but to my surprise, they don’t get tacky or sticky when washed or even when they are dry. I am seriously impressed with that. 

Overall, he is really impressed with them. Feels every cock owner should own one. If/when they eventually die, he will replace them. Me personally, I am delighted he has a toy he enjoys that much and lube. I really have to mention how much he loves the lube again. He hates lube or should I say hated lube until now. We are well impressed.

High quality products with a low cost price tag. 

If interested, you can purchase a Ripple (BLUE) twist here or a Tickle (RED) twist here. 

The TENGA Twists were sent to me from TENGA in exchange for an honest and impartial review – this however in no way changes my opinion on the item. What I honestly think, you read!  All images displayed of TENGA Twists are taken by myself!

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