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Review: KinkLab Vampire Gloves

by LSB

Who knew something so simple could be so amazing and yet so frustratingly flawed. Do I love these Kinklab Vampire gloves enough to see past those flaws?

The  folks over at Unbound Box have ticked an item off my lust list and sent me these rather evil looking Kinklab Vampire Gloves over for review. Before I talk about the gloves, I want to mention my experiences of dealing with Unbound as a company. The lovely ladies who run Unbound Box pride themselves on creating a pleasant shopping experience designed by women for women. (yes, men can shop there to by the way 😀 ). They feel the world needs more “Unbound Women” and so far, any dealings I have had have truly been amazing. They are helpful, accommodating and so positive – I can really recommend Unbound Box to shop with.


The packaging for the gloves is fairly basic – they arrive in a ziplock bag. A panel of bubble wrap sits between them to protect them in transport. A Kinklab label attached. The smell is contained and is released when you pop the seal and it smells glorious. Leather is possibly one of my favourite smells. Enticing, arousing and if my nose had the ability to orgasm, it would be leather that would get it off every time!

I was sent medium to review – I wasn’t sure how this was going to work out for us. My OH hasn’t got the largest hands but they are still man hands and my gut told me they wouldn’t fit correctly. However, surprisingly they don’t fit me either. We both had a length issue – they are way to long for us both. Length aside – the gloves fit me and are too tight for his hands. I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to dip into showcasing my inner Domme though it didn’t work out.

Several attempts later, the sensation produced by the Kinklab Vampire Gloves is not one my OH enjoys. It’s just not his thing – it is however, mine.

Very much so. I adore the sensations the gloves produce – it’s like a hundred needles pinching into my ass while being fucked from behind and it makes me purr with satisfaction. I love the gloves being dragged up and down my legs. They start to tingle as blood rushes to the area and it feels like warming pins and needles. It makes me wonder why my OH doesn’t enjoy the sensation as he can tolerate a fair amount of pain yet I never used any real pressure when I used them on him. 

He however, felt like he could do real damage to me. I kept reassuring him I was fine and it was only after quite a spanking session, they eventually drew blood so I wouldn’t be worried about them being that nasty. I would like to mention because they do have the ability to draw blood, it is important to state they need to be sanitized between uses. Use a tea tree spray as that way it won’t damage the leather.

They have the ability to be just a tickly sensation play toy if used with light pressure. It is for that exact reason why I love the Kinklab vampire gloves. Their versatility – how mean they can depend on the force used or how tickly and light the play can be if barely brushed against the skin. 

I do have my problems with them though – the sizing is an issue. As well as that I feel the pins in the fingers could be better attached. They are badly finished on the inside and need proper care while removing them. I feel if they aren’t minded, the pins will dislodge themselves. 

That being said I really do enjoy them. In fact – I love them. I would actually go as far as saying even though I have stated my worries about the inside quality if these were to be affected, I would buy another pair because I do feel I wouldn’t get the same sensation from anything else.

Allergy sufferers: *It is worth noting the pins in these gloves, according to label attached are nickel plated*

The tingly, pin pointed sensation combined with the power in my OH’s hands is a feeling I believe, nothing else only the Kinklab Vampire Gloves could create.

Check out this SinfulSunday entry to see blood stained spikes!

You can buy your own vampire gloves here 

These Kinklab Vampire Gloves were sent to me in exchange for an honest and impartial review – this however in no way changes my opinion on the item. What I honestly think, you read!  All images displayed of Kinklab Vampire Gloves are taken by myself!

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