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Review: Demoniq Ilse Catsuit

by LSB

I own a catsuit – Finally! One of my biggest lusts for many years. Do I still love them ? More importantly did I love the Demoniq Ilse?


My love of catsuits stems back as far as my love of DC and Marvel. I love and I mean loved Poison Ivy and Cat Woman growing up. Loved? I still do. Beautiful sexy, provocative women that oozed power. And that is exactly what I wanted to do – Ooze power. Be provocative and be obeyed. That’s another post though which is currently in the making so keep your eyes pealed for that. —> It has since gone live, check it out here.

The Demoniq Ilse -how frigging sexy is it? It’s ticking all my boxes!

When I was asked what items of lingerie I’d like to review from Latex, Leather and Lace, this catsuit jumped out. The packaging is fairly basic – cardboard box with a very beautiful looking model showcasing the catsuit wearing divine looking boots. I happen to own a pair more or less identical which can be seen in the pictures below and will have their own review soon.

Sizing wise/ Fit – I was sent S/M to review – which is designed to fit sizes 8/10. I am closer to the 10 than I am the 8. I have big hips, thighs and a fairly big ass. The Demoniq Ilse is surprisingly easy to put on – completely lined. The entire piece is made from polyester and elastane – quite similar to this piece I own and is extremely comfortable to wear. I was expecting to be struggling getting into it but in fact it was as easy, if not easier than slipping into a pair of skinny jeans. Who would have thought it – a catsuit easier to put on than a pair of skinny jeans? The only thing I would mention is it literlly sits just above my ass. Any bit of bending over and my ass is on display. I however wear a little thong underneath so I think it looks rather naughty if I bend over and also it helps to stop serious camel toe. I mean serious – this catsuit molds to you so it helps that. I wanna be a tease and not display the dessert without eating the main first *smug face*. 

The Demoniq Isle has a hook and clasp tie system at the back – and a tie system similar to a bikini for the neck. Super easy to tie meaning I can do it all myself. There is two hooks and I wear it on the smaller one. 

The legs and chest area feature mesh panels. The chest area is very much exposed and I need to invest in tit tape because mine didn’t really know how to behave. They kept popping out and as a result many good photos were deleted* because of rogue nipples. I love the panels on the legs – as well as being a tease the add in a different texture and break the black up.

* kept to send to my OH

The care label states it is suitable to machine wash on a 30 degree wash – I haven’t and won’t take this chance. I love this piece and I won’ t risk it in the machine. It washes well – shape has held well and still fits like I just took it out of the box.

I love the Demoinq Ilse- I can’t fault it. Comfortable , well made, sexy and true to size.


The Demoniq Ilse was sent to me for an honest and impartial review – this however in no way changes my opinion on the item. What I honestly think, you read!  All images displayed of Demoniq Ilse are taken by myself!

No affiliate links have been used in this post. 


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OhGlow March 10, 2017 - 2:09 pm

Omiglob! You look so wonderful! Exactly like you could be in a Birds of Prey comic. Villain? Hero? Who cares! So glad it suits you so well, it’s a lovely piece. The mesh is awesome and I feel like you could just put a cute skirt over it and take it for a scandalous night on the town.

LSB March 10, 2017 - 2:15 pm

<3 Awwwwh thanks so much for your lovely feedback x

fridayam March 10, 2017 - 11:20 pm

I wish I had a use for it, but you look so good in it so it makes up for my lack 😉 x

Elliott Henry March 11, 2017 - 5:19 pm

I’ll cast my vote in favor of the Demoinq Ilse, and you in it! I’m sure you can imagine my reaction as I view this little slideshow… You look Fabulous, Little Switch.

Erotickitten March 13, 2017 - 6:34 pm

Omg! This is so sexy, really love it! Cat woman is my passion too, as if you didn’t know X

Luv bunny August 26, 2017 - 9:28 am

This is so sexy, and your hips and butt are not big, they are perfectly curved and in proportion with your gorgeous figure xxx

LSB August 26, 2017 - 8:10 pm

Awwwh thank you for such a lovely comment Xxx <3

johnny come lately December 4, 2017 - 8:16 pm

I would be a quivering mess is i saw this worn.
You wear it well.


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