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Satisfyer Comparison Review: Five different models – which is my favourite?


Packaging for all models is more or less identical – nothing seems to change on the box bar the title, picture and how it runs ie. battery or rechargeable, is omitted from the the writing on the box. Inside each box you’ll find your toy in a molded plastic case, an instruction leaflet and USB charger cable (if applicable). 



First things first – I can orgasm with them all. Some models take me longer to climax than others.

The entire range confuses me. I feel like they really didn’t think about what they should put into each model. The Satisfyer 2 is the only model to feature the very important +/- feature. A feature which is necessary in these ‘suction’ style toys.

How ‘suction’ style toys work is very unusual. If it works for you, you’ll climax so quickly – sometimes without even realising you are going to. The +/- feature helps you come to terms with how these toys work and once you go up, you need to continue that way until you get back down again unless you turn it off and start again. This won’t work for some people who need consist stimulation to come – the stopping could inhibit climax. 

When I reviewed the SatisfyerPro2, I really didn’t realise how important this feature was. I love my SatisfyerPro2 – well loved. It’s getting used less and less now because I am starting to rely on the +/- more and more. It wasn’t until I tried the Satisfyer2 I discovered how crucial it is. And of course, I am completely spoilt now I have a Pro40 (which is a review in the making). 

All heads of all the Satisfyer models are made from medical grade grade silicone. 


Here’s a breakdown of my experiences with each model: 

Satisfyer 1


Satisfyer ComparisonSatisfyer Comparison

The basic model – the perfect place to start with suction toys because it’s an affordable, body safe toy. It’s waterproof and still has all eleven intensities the other models do. It seems to have a less powerful motor than the others as the motor stops running when I push my finger against it. The power button lights up when the toy is powered on. I dislike the large grooves in the sides where the toy panels fuse together as lube can get stuck in them. Easy to hold. Isn’t the noisiest version of Satisfyer but it fairly close. 

My rating : 1 – terrible/ 5 – Amazing

Noise: 2/5 (it’s fairly loud)

Orgasm Rating: 3/5 (takes a while to get there)

Quality/Durability: 2/5 (dislike grooves in sides)

Ease of use: 3/5 

Overall score: 2/5

Satisfyer 2



Satisfyer ComparisonSatisfyer Comparison

It is probably my favourite model because it has the ability to be customized. It also seems to be the most well finished model of the lot. I like how long the handle is and I love the +/- feature and really wish it featured on the rest of collection. It is however, quite loud. The angle of the nose can be awkward to get positioned correctly but when you get it there and learn how to make it work for your body – it is seriously powerful for a battery powered toy combining sensations of  ‘suction’ and vibrations. I also love its colour scheme.

My rating : 1 – terrible/ 5 – Amazing

Noise: 2/5 (it’s fairly loud)

Orgasm Rating: 4/5 

Quality/Durability: 4/5 

Ease of use: 2/5 

Overall score: 4/5

Satisfyer Penguin


Satisfyer ComparisonSatisfyer Comparison

I love the shape of the Penguin. It is seriously comfortable to hold and the ‘silicone’ feel covering adds grip when you are holding it providing your hand isn’t coated in lube. It has one button but two separate controls off it – one for power and one to increase power. Like some of the other models, the Penguin”s power button lights up when it’s powered on. I made the mistake of using it in the pitch dark during sex one night. My legs on my OH’s shoulders and I couldn’t concentrate properly because of the lighthouse light brightness putting me off.  It is rechargeable.  

My rating : 1 – terrible/ 5 – Amazing

Noise: 3/5 

Orgasm Rating: 3/5 

Quality/Durability: 5/5 

Ease of use: 4/5 

Overall score: 3/5


Satisfyer Pro Deluxe


Satisfyer ComparisonSatisfyer Comparison





I hate this model. Not a word I use often, hate but I do.  The only positive about this toy in my opinion is the fact it is rechargeable. I can orgasm with it – yes and it doesn’t take forever but the shape of it and the time required to position it correctly isn’t worth the effort in my opinion. I have seen several positive reviews pop up so who knows it might work for you. Different strokes for different folks. Currently, I have a giveaway running to win one of these – the only reason I decided to run it was it was a chance for folks who haven’t tried a Satisfyer before to suss out if they would like the sensations. If interested, you can enter here.

My rating : 1 – terrible/ 5 – Amazing

Noise: 2/5 

Orgasm Rating: 2/5 (takes a while to get there… Zzzz! )

Quality/Durability: 4/5 (Can’t fault build)

Ease of use: 1/5 (it’s a serious pain in the ass to use!)

Overall score: 1/5

Satisfyer Pro 2 


Satisfyer Comparison Satisfyer Comparison

I own the original version – it has been upgraded so I don’t how that model compares. If you read my review of the Satisfyer Pro 2, you’ll know how much I raved on about how it is. However, my feelings have changed and I’ll be updating that review. Out of the above models, I still like the SatisfyerPro2 but I don’t love it. As the most expensive model from the range I feel it should come with a +/- button. I can come seriously quickly with the Pro2 – quicker than I can with any other model. It’s also rechargeable and possibly possesses one of the longest life batteries I have ever witnessed in a sex toy. But it’s loud and like it’s siblings has light up power buttons – thankfully not a bright as the Penguin.

My rating : 1 – terrible/ 5 – Amazing

Noise: 2/5 (it’s fairly loud)

Orgasm Rating: 5/5 (Boom – I gets there in a minute)

Quality/Durability: 2/5 (dislike grooves in sides)

Ease of use: 4/5 

Overall score: 4/5

 If interested you can purchase the Satisfyer Pro2 here 



I’ve a tie between the Pro2 and the Satisfyer2. Between the most expensive and the second cheapest. I personally would go for the 2. I think the intensities buttons and handle tip it ever the edge. As well as that, it doesn’t lack power being a battery powered toy. If you are new or curious to suction toys. I recommend the Satisfyer2.


Two of the above toys were sent to me review in exchange for an honest and impartial review from Peepshow Toys and the rest from Satisfyer. This however in no way changes my opinion on the items. What I honestly think, you read!  All images displayed of the Satisfyers are taken by myself!

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