Review : Laid B.1 Stone Butt Plug

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I’ve never experienced stone as a toy material before so I had no idea what to expect. Well, except for guessing it would probably be weighty and hopefully really smooth…. Was I right?


It surprises me there isn’t more stone sex toys out there – I was right. The Laid B.1 is weighty – and deliciously weighty at that. It’s also very smooth. Like if I was blindfolded, other than it being cold – I’d never know someone had just put a rock up my butt. 



The Laid B.1 packaging has a very earthy, rustic feel to it – I love it. It very much so keeps in theme with nature and well, the Laid B.1 is natural. It is crafted from absolute black granite or Gabbro. This piece of rock, that I put up my butt is in fact approximately 500 million years old and original came from Shanxi in China. Inside the box – a large, strong piece of foam which keeps the B.1 in place in transit/storage and a business card declaring “you are so going to get laid”. It came sealed giving complete peace of mind – I am the first person to play with it. 

Tapered for easy insertion, the Laid B.1 is super easy toy to insert. Suitable for an advanced beginner, it makes the perfect toy to add weight to your anal play. I would say it would be suitable for a beginner but stone isn’t as forgiving as silicone though if you warmed up appropriately before use then I guess it totally could.  The entire piece is well made – no imperfections can be found. No tiny cracks or lines – completely smooth giving complete peace of mind for anal play as bacteria have no where to hide.



The B.1 is 4 inches in entire length – about 2 inches is insertable. The B.1 weighs 168 grams and you do feel the weight on insertion. It feels ace – I have previously tried glass and the particular plug that comes to my head as I write this is weighty but the Laid B.1 is a little bit more heavier and it’s made me realise how much I enjoy the weighty feeling. More so than I did the first time I wore a heavy plug. I feel the B.1 should be offered in larger sizes – I don’t think it is already manufactured but if I am wrong – please comment with a link in the comments. 

I don’t feel the plug wanting to come out while I walk around so it’s not *that* heavy considering it is made out of stone. The stem is sufficient to keep the plug in place. As is the base to stop it from travelling inwards.

The one thing I really must mention regards stone is it’s ability to maintain temperatures. It really surprised me – It stayed cold for quite a while when I inserted it and it was able to maintain my body temperature for quite a while after removal.

As it is completely non porous and not affected by lubes/washing agents- it can be washed or used with whatever type of lube you want. 


 The Laid B.1 was sent to me from Laid in exchange for an honest and impartial review – this however in no way changes my opinion on the item. What I honestly think, you read!  All images displayed of Laid B.1 are taken by myself! Affiliate links have been used in this post. 

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