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I was recently sent two Satisfyer 2 toys for review so I asked my mate, IrishEyes if she’d be interested in doing the first ever guest review to feature on LittleSwitchBitch. Really excited to see how she found the Satisfyer2 as this is her first time trying out a suction/vibe style toy. So enough of my waffling – I’ll pass you over to her. 


When I was first asked to be a guest reviewer for LSB I was shocked, thrilled and of course excited. What a privilege to be asked. I was nervous as I haven’t written a review ever so bear that in mind as you read 😊

When I received the Satisfyer2, the box was hygienically sealed with a sticker, which I love as you know the toy hasn’t been touched. Inside the box, there is general guide on how to use the toy and advice on how to clean it. It’s fully submersible which makes clean up a lot easier.


I really love the colour of this toy – rose gold and white. It makes it look expensive, classy and not in your face like other brightly coloured toys. I like how long the handle. I did however find that the buttons are quite sticky and I really have to push them when I was adjusting the speed and when I was turning it off/on.


My experiences with the Satisfyer2:

Where do I begin –  probably best telling you how much I love the Satisfyer 2. It’s awesome.
This is first clit stimulated toy I have used so I was unsure what to expect and also unsure how to use it but the instructions on the box really guide you. After a few minutes of getting it positioned and comfortably resting on my clit then the fun began.

The Satisfyer 2 works in a suction mechanism on your clit. Don’t be scared – you control the power. Yes it’s powerful but not painful or uncomfortable by no means. It has 11 different speeds – I personally haven’t had it on full speed yet and it still pushed me well over the edge a number of times. It also states on the packaging that it’s body friendly silicone which important. LSB had advised me previously only to use water based lube with silicone toys as silicone lubes can eat away silicone toys.

I was a bit weary that this being a battery toy. I thought it wouldn’t be as powerful as my other rechargeable toys but personally, I found it extremely powerful and I wouldn’t have know the difference. It is actually kind of a bonus as you can always have spare batteries. It takes time to charge a toy. If like what’s happened to me when my rechargeable toy dies mid play you are left frustrated – the one bonus to using battery powered toys. 

It is hard not to notice the noise of this toy. Not wanting to be negative but I feel this was a big thing for me, living in shared accommodation, it is a loud toy. It’s definitely not a discreet even though on the box it did say “whisper mode”.

Overall Summary: 

Overall, I love this toy. I would definitely recommend it to anyone. I love it can be used in the bath/shower and that it is easy to clean. Yes, it is loud but it does give me awesome orgasms so it’s a compromise and I am more than willing to put up with it. 

Huge thank you to IrishEyes for writing her honest review. All images displayed of Satisfyer2 have been taken by IrishEyes!

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