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It’s really a Tango with a house – Surely I was going to love the We-Vibe Touch ?


If you are familiar with my other We-Vibe reviews, you’ll already know I pretty much love anything We-Vibe make. However, if you’re not before I go any further, I need to tell how awesome We-Vibe are. They really listen to  any feedback they are given and always go further to create perfection. Everything is usually coated in silicone/ ABS plastic meaning you never need worry about your health. And in my experiences, they only stock rumbly motors (with the exception of the inner Sync motor)  in their warehouse. So basically what I am trying to say – Buy We-Vibe – You wont be disappointed.


The Touch is the same deep rich purple colour my Rave is and comes packaged like most of my other We-Vibe toys. I keep all these boxes – I usually don’t keep outer packaging  but I love how they are packaged. Strong, pretty boxes. They make fantastic toy storage. Inside the box you’ll find your Touch, USB cable, charger connection, instructions and storage bag. 

The Touch is essentially a Tango covered in silicone – they are charged the same way, have the exact same patterns, same vibration strengths. Except the silicone does dampen those deep, rumbly Tango associated vibrations down. 


If you have read my Tango review, you’ll already know and in case you didn’t, I didn’t really get on with my Tango at the start. In fact, I was going to return it. Yes, that still shocks me writing that but you see the Tango packs a serious punch and my poor clitoris wasn’t really ready for that kind of power. Of course, I was persistent and like a warrior kept battling through , yanno for science and I wouldn’t be out my Tango now – in fact I have two.

Why I mention all this is – I think back then I would probably have gotten on with a Touch better – same rumbly vibes just doesn’t penetrate as well. My OH calls it the tongue – fairly accurate I guess. He loves the Touch. He likes how it can bring to orgasm but it takes longer to get me there in comparison to the Tango – it teases me but manages to maintain my plateau stage – I consider it torture but I guess that needs to be written as a post in a different category 😉

I love the indent on the under side of the Touch – it actually cups my clitoris. I also love how versatile the Touch is – it’s pointed tip gives pinpoint stimulation while the body allows the vibrations to be more widespread giving many options off play. Like the Tango, it’s a 100% waterproof meaning water fun is possible and cleaning it isn’t a issue. But also like the Tango, it shares the finicky charging system meaning it can be a bit a bugger. You need to make sure it’s on a flat surface and the charger attachment stays glowing orange otherwise you’ll find your toy hasn’t fully charged – other than that I can’t fault it. 


I find myself reaching for the Touch if I don’t want to come as quick or my clitoris has been over stimulated – the way it cups it prolongs my arousal. 

If interested you can purchase the Touch at :

SheVibe | Lovehoney UK | Lovehoney US |


The Touch was sent to me from We-Vibe in exchange for an honest and impartial review – this however in no way changes my opinion on the item. What I honestly think, you read!  All images displayed of Touch are taken by myself! Affiliate links have been used in this post. 

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