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The Tantus Sport is one of those dildos I had to try – Its bulbous head made me curious of its g-spotting abilities. Not my usual taste when it comes to dildos but the curiosity was strong. Am I right? Is it worth it?

The Sport arrives in the usual Tantus packaging – colourful, playful and not intimidating with some information about Tantus on the back. Inside the box , protected in moulded plastic lies the Sport. Straight to the point. 

The Sport is approx 7 inches in length – 5 and half inches insertable with a diameter of 1.25″. It has a circumference just shy of 4 and half inches around the head and 3 and a half inches around the shaft.

It is made using Tantus’ own blend of 100% premium silicone meaning it is 100% body safe. It can be boiled or bleached to sanitize it allowing it to be a suitable toy to swap between partners which is good news for us it oozes the perfect pegging dildo to me. If we ever get to that road. 

It is by far of the slimmest dildo I own making it, in my opinion, a fantastic beginners toy for either vaginal or anal use. As well as that, its size makes it a great warm up dildo too.

I previously mentioned above I wanted to try the Sport because of its bulbous head and also the curvature on the shaft. Unfortunately though, it just doesn’t work for me to get off using it for g-spotting alone. Team it up with a vibe of some sort then, yes. I just find because the shaft is as slim as it is, it bends too much. The silicone is quite firm  though so I wasn’t expecting it to be that bendy in use. 

The triangle base end, though designed to make the Sport anal safe and harness compatible also makes a handle for me. I think I mentioned in another Tantus review, I do this and it really does works. While holding onto the base, it allows me to thrust faster and if I apply pressure against the shaft using a finger I can eventually get off with Sport using my gspot alone however this requires a lot more effort than I am willing to use and I usually end up reaching for my Ella which has the curve and rigidity I require. 

As an anal dildo however, I enjoy it! I love the popping sensation the head creates. So all is not lost. I can’t comment on if it works as a prostate dildo or not but if/when I can – I will update this review. 

The Sport has quite a glossy feel to it so it doesn’t drag as much as other silicone toys I own, however still use lashings of water based lube while using it. Please remember not to use anything other than water based lube as other types can damage your silicone toys.


I was sent the silver sport to review not quite sure why it looks coppery in my photos however I took another picture earlier to show the actual colour.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank Tantus for sending me the Sport in exchange for an honest and impartial review this however in no way changes my opinion on the item. What I honestly think, you read! All images displayed of Tantus Sport are taken by myself!

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