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Review: Seven till Midnight Statement Chemise

posted by LSB January 25, 2017 1 Comment

Seven till Midnight lingerie is seriously good quality – This statement chemise isn’t their first item to grace my ever- growing lingerie collection.

                      statement chemisestatement chemise

During a recent conversation with the lovely Zoe from Loveyourself.co.uk – we were discussing my next review item. Zoe remembered me tweeting about wanting to review more lingerie on my blog and suggested this stunning Seven till Midnight Statement Chemise. Her attention to detail on was second to none because I, myself would pick this. 

Seven to Midnight lingerie is nothing but the highest of quality. This entire statement chemise is made well – on first inspection I couldn’t find any loose threads or unmatched seams. 

statement chemisestatement chemise

The cups are molded, underwired, well padded and support my 34C chest well. They are also the only part of the piece to feature the pretty nude colour which breaks up the black appearance and in my opinion, make the piece quite elegant looking. The inside of the cups are also nude and are made very soft material which feels very comfortable against my skin. The tops of the cups are the covered in the same wetlook material that can be seen through the chemise. I am really impressed with the quality of it. It is so soft – in fact other than the appearance you wouldn’t realise the material is even wetlook. 


                                              statement chemise statement chemise

The front of the piece features a V just under the bust. The same V is recreated in the back by how the piece ties. It nearly makes a heart shape. Not sure if Seven till Midnight intended that to happen but it looks really pretty. And it was my husband that pointed that out showing he really made attention to all the little details while I was wearing this. 

statement chemisestatement chemise

The entire piece has wetlook running down the centre – both front and back . These panels make fantastic modesty panels – they cover just enough to maintain the tease factor. I love the lace used on the piece – a delicate floral pattern covers the sides and allows quite a lot of skin to be shown yet hides it all too. It is not scratchy against the skin which is so important when it comes to lace. Some pieces can be really scratchy and don’t really allow you to maintain the sex appeal when you have to be scratching away while wearing it.

I recieved size medium to test out. This size was designed for 10-12 in mind – I found it accurate and it accommodated my frame well. The fastener at the back has three hook and eye ties and I use the middle slot. The piece also comes with a thong/gstring which is made using the same pattern as the sides of the dress and it compliments the piece well. If you aren’t a fan of those, the dress could be easily paired up with lacey boyshorts. 

It also has 4 removable stocking straps giving you multiple options for wear should you chose to team it up with stockings or perhaps wear this Seven to Midnight statement chemise on its own – either way you are sure to make a statement wearing it.

statement chemsise


The care label informs me I should hand wash the piece in cold water and hang to dry. I adopt this method for all my wetlook pieces of lingerie because even though they can look like they can tolerate the machine – that wetlook material can be delicate so I would never chance it. After washing, I find the fit hasn’t changed nor has the piece been damaged in any way. Again, no loose threads or damage to the material.




I would like to take the opportunity to thank loveyourselfonline.co.uk for sending me the Seven till Midnight Statement Chemise in exchange for an honest and impartial review – this however in no way changes my opinion on the item. What I honestly think, you read! All images displayed of Seven till Midnight Statement Chemise are taken by myself!

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Elliott Henry March 25, 2017 at 4:45 am

Lovely look, what dreams are made of.


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