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MissBi- The rabbit that has me wondering why other rabbit shafts are as long as they are.



MissBi is made by the wonderful folks over at FunFactory. It comes in other colours too but in my opinion, looks divine in black. The black shaft and black handle give an overall feel of luxury and class to the toy. It is my first time working with FunFactory and my first FunFactory toy even though I have lusted after so  many of them for as long as a piece of string can be. The company is awesome – they produce top quality, body safe toys that come in soooo many bright colours. So. Much. Colour. I frigging love bright colours- more companies need to use more colours. I really get sick of looking at seas of pink. As well as that, they are really friendly, send packages out discreetly and overall, I really love them as a company. 



I could have chose anything from the new Black line range to review but I am really glad I picked the MissBi. It has really made me think about rabbit vibes in a different light. The shaft of the MissBi is 5 inches but only a little over 3 inches of that is actually insertable. The entire rabbit is approx 8 inches and due to how the tip curves is the same length as my hand. Seems a bit nuts when you read all that but again, I am wondering why rabbits have such long shafts. 

Why though? Why do I keep repeating myself about the MissBi shaft?

Because in a nutshell, it is awesome !

It comes travel locked so hold the ‘Fun’ button with the bottom button down to unlock it and if you want to lock it again, hold the top button and ‘Fun’ button. Very handy should you want to travel with it.

To power on the MissBi, you hold down the ‘Fun’ button for a second. It powers both motors into life straight away but pressing it again (no need to hold it down) powers it off. I love this feature and I really wish more companies would take note. There is nothing more annoying than fighting with a power on/power off button especailly when you need it to turn off asap. 


The bottom button controls the shaft and the top the ears. Each can be controlled separately by holding down the button to power off or pressing the button to power back on. Pressing the button will flick through the various speeds and power of each motor and the LED surrounding each button will flick along to show the pattern/speed has been changed. It is a really easy toy the operate. Fully customisable with many options for play. 

I love how strong the click n go charger is. No worries it will pop off charge. Plus the charger connection also has a built in LED to show it is working. As far as I’m aware all FunFactory toys use this type of charger and the lead is red so I never need to go sieving through my box of chargers to pop it on charge. 

The ears are 2 inches outer length and 1 1/2 inches inner. They are really flexible and will bend to suit any anatomy. They are however slightly buzzy for me on higher speeds. 


The shaft however is where it is happening for me. I love the deep, rumbly vibes that sit in the tip and run down through the shaft. It fits my body if it were made for it. The end of the shaft has a circumference just under 5 inches girthier than the tip which is just over 3.

Even though the toy is designed as a rabbit, it is an amazing g spot toy. It zones in and makes me feel weak at the knees. The ears allow me the thrust it as hard as possible without the worry of hurting myself and the ears also make anal safe though this rabbit won’t ever venture down that ‘hole’ – it is being kept as my new g-spotter. The hooped handle makes it super easy to use and gives the perfect grip even when hands are slippy from lube. 


The MissBi has made me appreciate vibrations on my g-spot. I usually turn off the ears and grind my g-spot in submission. I really didn’t think I would ever find a toy that would make me love and come using internal vibrations. But I have. 

Also , Funfactory sent me their super cute toybox which can be seen in the pictures above. It has a magnetic lid and a side that opened as well as a slip for the charging wire for sneaky sex toy charging. It’s huge and can fit many sextoys in it.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank FunFactory for sending me the MissBi Black Line in exchange for an honest and impartial review – this however in no way changes my opinion on the item. What I honestly think, you read! All images displayed ofthe Miss Bi are taken by myself! Affiliate links have been used in this post.<

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