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Immediately when greeted with the O-Wand it is hard not to be wowed by its glorious packaging. Of course, packaging isn’t overly important unless you’re a pretty packaging whore like me and I really did Ooh and Aah while I investigated it all. 


Cased in a sleeve of cardboard, the magnetic lidded box is really pretty. Completely black with splashes of gold, the entire feel is nothing but luxury. On lifting the lid, you are immediately greeted with the O-wand and the O-Burst, an attachment that comes as standard with your wand. Also inside in the box, an interchangeable charger so it’s suitable for use worldwide. I love this touch – not many companies do this and even though, it something small, I really do applaud O-Wand for deciding to add this extra in. The O-wand charges via pin and the charging port is located at the bottom of the wand. The silicone reseals back over when removed which allows the O-Wand to be 100% waterproof. 

 According to the manufactures website, on highest vibration mode the O-Wand will last approx 40 minutes however will last up to three hours on the lowest setting.


O-Wand Weight : 694g

Once powered on, the buttons will glow red. The arrow controls intensity levels while the buttons with the squiggle on it controls the patterns. You have to go through each speed/pattern before going back to original one. The entire wand is made from platinum grade silicone except the handle which is made using metallic plated ABS plastic. The wand itself is quite heavy, 694g to be precise and we have found it most comfortable to use while lying down. 

I have used it the shower, with the O-Burst attachment and without any. I personally found it hard to orgasm as the weight is a distraction and the attachment dampened the vibrations for me. If I upped the intensity it verged on buzzy and my clitoris completely tunes out to buzzy vibrations as it will just desensitize it. So the first use of the O-Wand, I wasn’t very impressed. 

Life got in the way and because I wasn’t overly impressed during the first round, the O-Wand got left to one side until the lovely folks over at O-Wand sent out the other attachments, which are also available to purchase separately, out for review too. Perfect opportunity to try out the wand together as the O-Gasm attachment is specifically designed for men. A night of body massage and multiple orgasms was in order.


My OH used the O-Wand to massage my back and shoulders and the whole time while he was doing it I couldn’t help but wonder why I had such an issue coming with it while in the shower. The O-Wand is seriously good for body massage – it really does penetrate well down through the muscles. We opted to use it with talc as I’d worried oils that we own might damage its silicone head. It glided well across my skin and really helped to release the knots in my back. 

We both found the buttons while in use tricky to press – not sure if they are upside – maybe that might make it easier but either way, using it together and separately, they were awkward.

The attachments :

All made from platinum grade silicone – they are all available to buy from O-Wand separately for £20 each. All feel really silky, smooth and well made. 

The O-Burst (Comes as standard:)

Weight : 46g


Personally, I found it dampens vibrations as you are adding more silicone over the wand but feels great when used for body massage. I did however enjoy the textures running over my vulva when I had it laced in lube. It didn’t and won’t get me off but from a tease, foreplay or massage perspective – I like it. 

The O-Gasm:

Weight : 114g


I layered on the SLiquid and started off using the O-Gasm without turning on the wand. I had one hand controlling the wand, the other gripped onto the bottom of his shaft (to protect his balls as he hates vibrations on them unless applying vibes himself). I added slight pressure to the sides of the O-Gasm attachment while he was semi but was swiftly told it wasn’t need when he was fully hard. He would be fairly girthy and I possibly caused a friction burn so don’t do what I did. Anyway not one usually fussed by vibrations, he loves the different vibration patterns the O-Wand has to offer. You need plenty of lube and the power of the O-Wand requires reapplication of lube more than you would usually need due to how much it vibrates. It is heavy to hold in that position( a whopping 809g ) but totally worth it to watch the end result which made me horny as hell and originally, I had no intention of coming but after watching him explode, I had to. 

The O-La-La:

Weight : 48g


Ok, so you’ll remember up there somewhere I mentioned I couldn’t come with the O-Wand. This attachment changed that. The O-La-La offers three different options of stimulation. A side similar to the O-Burst, which didn’t interest me much but it offers texture. A top of ridged circles which again offered textures. I know, I know I’m repeating myself but I’ve never been one for textures. However you might and this attachment offers lots. But the other side – O-La-La – I now know why it gets that name. Finally, I wasn’t broken and the cup with inner nodule finally got me off but not how you’re expecting it did. Firstly, it was on the lowest speed though if I had studied the wand enough – I would probably have reached the finished line quicker. I didn’t want to stop mid-wank to increase it because for what seemed like forever I was *just* there. Secondly, I kept pinging the edge of the cup against my clit and making the stimulation more pinpoint rather than usual broad stim you get from wand. When I did get there, it was worth the battle but my arm was starting to give up and the wand had gotten hot. So lesson learned, cup + second level intensity = *Thumbs up*

The O-Spot:

Weight : 95g


This attachment is targeted towards women for g-spot stimulation but in my opinion, there’s no reason why it can’t be used for prostate play either . I have used it on my g-spot however it doesn’t provide the exact stimulation required I need to come that way. It will however be used on my OH and when it is, I’ll pop back to update the review. 

All attachments fit the Doxy and the Doxy die cast. I find they work better with the Die cast because there isn’t as much material to dampened the vibrations. None the less, they still work well with the original. 


I like the O-Wand. I find the quality fantastic, packaging divine and I love the overall luxurious feel of the product. I love the fact it is waterproof for cleaning reasons and I love the added attachments to allow the O-Wand to be used worldwide. The two batteries in it, which are needed to make it as powerful as it is, make it heavy to hold and in the long run unless it’s been used on me instead of by me, it won’t be a toy I grab. 

I would like to take the opportunity to thank O-Wand for sending me the O-Wand and attachments in exchange for an honest and impartial review – this however in no way changes my opinion on the item. What I honestly think, you read! All images displayed of O-Wand and the attachments are taken by myself!

No affiliate links have been used in this post.

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Caitlin January 13, 2017 at 6:58 am

Thanks for the review! I probably won’t end up getting the O-Wand based on some of the cons you pointed out, plus the price… BUT some of those attachments do interest me. Do you happen to know if the attachments would fit on a Doxy Wand?

LSB January 17, 2017 at 9:37 am

Hello. Sorry for taking a while to get back to you. Yes, all attachments fit both the original Doxy and the Doxy Die-Cast. I have updated my review above.


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