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Leather. One of my most favourite smells that automatically arouses me. Nothing really beats opening up a package not knowing what is inside and to be greeted by the smell of leather. These Bound Nubuck wrist cuffs ticked that box straight away.

Bound Nubuck Leather CuffsBound Nubuck Leather Cuffs

Not a brand I was previously familiar with until the lovely folks over a asked if we’d be interested in testing out these and providing a review of our experiences. Before I speak about the cuffs, I want to talk about my experience with Before the cuffs arrived, several emails and DMs popped over and back. I find really pleasant company to work – friendly and polite. As well as that, their packaging is 100% discreet.

Bound Nubuck Leather CuffsBound Nubuck Leather CuffsBound Nubuck Leather Cuffs

Nubuck wasn’t a term I was familiar with so a quick informs me it is why these cuffs are so soft and velvet like to touch. It basically means the leather has been sanded or buffed. As well as producing this soft texture , it also makes the leather harder wearing.


Made with brown leather and gold metal, these Bound Nubuck cuffs are made extremely well. No loose stitching present on before use inspection and remain in original state after use. The padded cuff area itself is really soft and makes the cuffs feel more like a fashion accessory rather than a BDSM related item, which in my opinion makes these perfect for someone starting out in their journey as they make the scene feel less scary, I guess. Or perhaps, a treat for someone well experienced as a luxurious treat.

Bound Nubuck Leather CuffsBound Nubuck Leather Cuffs

The fastening strip feels suede like to the touch – has 5 slots to tighten the cuffs and also has the option of using padlocks because of the padlockable buckle prong. The cuffs come with a double trigger hook chain, which is attached to between two of the four D rings present. It is completely detachable so you can use whatever you want really. I was informed by the boss he’d prefer the trigger hook to be slightly bigger as it can be awkward to sloth the D ring into.

Bound Nubuck Leather CuffsBound Nubuck Leather Cuffs

The cuffs are just shy of 10 inches in entire length. The fastening strip is approx 14 inches – they have 5 slots in total. My wrists are about 6 and half inches in circumference and are best tied in the second hole.

Bound Nubuck Leather CuffsBound Nubuck Leather CuffsBound Nubuck Leather Cuffs

Overall, we really enjoyed testing these cuffs out. We both found them to be of excellent quality, versatile in how they can be used due to them have 4 D rings and pad-lockable buckles and very good value for money considering the quality you receive.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank for sending me the Bound Nubuck Wrist Cuffs in exchange for an honest and impartial review – this however in no way changes my opinion on the item. What I honestly think, you read! All images displayed of Bound Nubuck Wrist Cuffs are taken by myself!

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