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Review : Blush Novelties Naughtier Plug

by LSB

Pretty epic – being able to bend over and let your ass do the talking. I’ll set the scene – dressed up in a little lacy number, stockings, heels, no underwear and this Naughtier Candy Heart plug popped in.

Naughtier Candy Heart PlugNaughtier Candy Heart Plug

I walk in – my unsuspecting OH busily tapping away on the keyboard doesn’t take any interest at first. I say nothing and continue to clatter around in my heels – wishing the carpeted surface I am standing on was in fact a timber floor.


Eager to do exactly what the plug says I decide to go for option two – the blatantly obvious.


While he sits on the couch, I walk over, lift my leg and rest my shoe on the couch. I pretend to adjust a stocking. Finally, I have his attention. He looks up, slightly confused as to why I happen to be dressed like this. I keep his glare and turn around. Slowly bend over while sliding each of my hands down my legs just enough so he can see I have nothing under the dress. I stand fully straight again, walk towards him, lean in and lightly nibble on his bottom lip.

Naughtier Candy Heart PlugNaughtier Candy Heart Plug

Deciding to play me at my own game he won’t give me what I want and I am unable to keep up with this teasing facade. I present myself to him – bend over, my pussy glistens in the light from the build up and tell him to ‘fuck me’. 

This is exactly how my husband and the Blush Novelties Naughtier Candy Heart plug got acquainted.

I have lusted after one of these Naughtier Candy Heart plugs since I first came across them what seems many moons ago. And, I have wanted it for the very reason I relayed above.

The Blush Novelties Naughtier Fuck Me butt plug is made from 100% body safe, phthalate free silicone. Its seam free, satin-smooth finish and tapered end make it super easy to insert. The entire piece is approx 4 inches long with the actual bulb making up 3 inches of that. The diameter is 1.6 inches and the circumference is just over 5 inches. The plug  is advertised as an intermediate piece on the Blush Novelties site. Personally, in my opinion I would agree.  Even though, the plug is quite tapered – you do need to be quite warmed to insert it. It is quite firm and at its widest point, 1.6 inches there isn’t any give to the silicone. 

Naughtier Candy Heart PlugNaughtier Candy Heart Plug

The plug is anchored based and is super comfortable to wear even for long periods of time. The base means it won’t travel and it doesn’t interfere with sex either. The plug needs a lot of lube on it to make it easy to insert – I found it doesn’t drag during insertion or removal.

Naughtier Candy Heart PlugNaughtier Candy Heart Plug

Overall, super cute plug that is body safe, easy to clean and does the talking – what more could you ask for? The pretty yellow ‘fill me up’ one perhaps?

I would like to take the opportunity to thank Blush Novelties for sending me the Naughtier Candy Heart butt plug in exchange for an honest and impartial review – this however in no way changes my opinion on the item. What I honestly think, you read! All images displayed of Naughtier Candy Heart butt plug are taken by myself!

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