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As of today (26/03/2020) – as much as we enjoyed the Sync, I would totally recommend the Chorus now if you are wanting to purchase a new couples toy!

You can check my review out here


Sync – ‘Introducing the world’s best vibrator for couples’. Well according to We -Vibe it is and it’s my job to tell you if I think it lives up to  that title.

Firstly, We- Vibe have reinvented their packaging for Sync. And, I think it’s fantastic. More environmentally friendly due to sizing and as well as that, they have also added so much colour.

In the box, you’ll find a Sync, a sachet of We- Vibe lube, remote, USB connection, charging dock and various information leaflets, such as instructions for use, app information and a warranty card, which will give you two years so remember to log on to register it.

Charging/Charging Dock:

First of all, the Sync will require a two hours charging before use and a full charge should give 90 minutes play time. We-Vibe have updated the battery in the Sync and it’s their fastest charging toy so far. The app, when synced with the We-Vibe, will show the percentage battery time available.

The charging dock itself is unlike any other toys’ charger I own. It’s a pod shaped with a silver trim and has a lid. The USB cable, which is the same as most android charger fits in at the back and you sit the Sync into it. Clitoral side goes in the back and the middle bit is for the remote. It flashes an orange to show its charging. The light stays on to show it’s fully charged and no light means you need to check positioning of We-Vibe or re-adjust your cable. The cable requires a USB charger plug, which isn’t included.


I also own the Classic which has a similar, if not identical charging dock *except* We-Vibe have updated the pod with the addition of seriously, strong magnets which really hold the Sync in place. A fantastic and welcomed addition as I did have one or two occasions with the Classic when I thought I had put it only charge only to find I hadn’t pushed it in the pod correctly and it was still dead.

We-Vibe and Remote :

SyncThe Sync has typical C shape like the Classic or the 4plus however, We-Vibe have perfected it with the addition of  two hinges in both arms. Marketed as a toy to fit all, the Sync is really adjustable and has the ability to fit me like a glove. Made of smooth, silky-soft medical grade silicone – latex, BPA and phthalates free is completely body safe and it’s also waterproof is cleaning it won’t be an issue.


The insertable G-spot side is slightly skinnier than the clitoral side and has ridges, which will rub against the G-spot, are more pronounced than the bumps present on the clitoral side, which resembles rumble strips to me. The clitoral side has a protruding dot shaped bump/control button at the top, which allows you to manually turn it on/off, and is also the button you use to re-sync it with the remote/app. The Sync already comes synced to the remote. The control button can also switch modes, too, which I think is handy in case you have misplaced the remote.

The remote is super easy to work. The up and down buttons control the intensity levels. It will always power on at full intensity, which, being a power queen, I love and holding down the intensity down button will power it off. The left/right buttons will switch through the various modes on it. The range is 3 meters but I found needs to be directed at the Sync to really work.

There are 10 modes in total using the remote, but the app has 5 extra modes. The vibration patterns vary from high pulsing to flicky buzzy sensations. I’m not one for buzzy vibrations and I do find the clitoral side provides more deeper, rumbly vibrations in comparison to the g-spot which does tip the buzzier side of the scale.

We found the remote is more suitable for moments when we are very close to each other. We found the for longer range, the app works better. Being beside each other really was the only time the remote behaved properly. The remote and the app cannot be used together at the same time. It’s also important to mention regardless of which option you use to control the We-Vibe, there is a three-second delay before it will obey commands sent to it.

App and syncing playtime together:

The app is available to download for free from both Android and Apple Play stores. Once downloaded, you sign in to create a profile. To pair it, Bluetooth must be turned on and you hold down the control button on the We-Vibe itself for five seconds till you feel pulses. It will then tell you, you have paired it correctly. On the left-hand side – top of the screen, there are three diagonal dots tapping this will give the option to connect the Sync and you will be prompted to pair your device. If it doesn’t prompt you, press the button on the left of the screen and this will give the option to do so. It will display the amount of battery time remaining if you see this you’re hooked up correctly. There is also the new addition of Beat and Touch modes. Touch allows you to create patterns from well, touching or tapping the screen. Beat allows you to pick a song from your phone and the app ‘beats’ out its version of the song in vibrations.  

There is a play button and you swipe the screen to switch through the different modes. You can also create your own play patterns as well as operating each side separately.

To sync playtime, your play partner must also have the app on their phone and press the “connect to my lover” button, which can be found under the diagonal dots and enter your lover’s’ email. Your OH then clicks on the link and this creates a secure connection. The app also prompts “your lover wants to play” and gives the option to accept or decline. If you accept, your OH will now control any vibrations and patterns, with the option again to create their own pattern.

The Beat version works well – select it to use the mic or select a song to place and the app will replicate the vibrations of the song. It isn’t something that would make a rush out and buy the Sync because of it. However, we love the Touch option. I still remember the first time using Touch mode and my OH making jokes about his fingers having a new use. The Touch option has a – and + option to increase/decrease the intensity of the vibrations.

There is also an option for the person being controlled to take back control by asking for “their turn”. This, however, can be declined by the controller. The app, however, doesn’t inform you if they have/haven’t received the request. Personally, I would like to know I’ve been declined.

Strong coverage is required for the app to work correctly as we found if either went out of coverage, there was pairing issues and freezing issues, which is understandable, but quite frustrating on both sides for different reasons.

We were using the app on Android, so it might be different if using from an Apple device.

During sex:

The most successful position was doggy as it hit both my clitoris and G-spot correctly and I was able to keep it in place correctly. It definitely heightens sensations on both sides as both of us are able to feel vibrations. However, as boring as it may sound, good old missionary is probably one of my most favourite positions for close, intimate sex and the Sync just doesn’t work in this position for us. I found it was kinda sore anytime my OH grinded against me so that saddens me to be honest.

It really is a great foreplay toy. If you are out and about or simply in the next room, it’s the naughty factor that will get you worked up as it’s completely discreet. I did worry I’d look like I had a penis out and about in skinny jeans, but I can reassure you won’t and people won’t hear you buzzing either. Long distance couples will really benefit from it too. 

I do think overall, the tweaks We-Vibe have made to their famous couples toy have indeed made it better. It’s more user-friendly. It’s an even higher quality product with the addition of the hinges, faster changing battery, updated app functions and new magnets of charging all add to the luxury feel of the Sync. 


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This item was sent to me from We-Vibe in exchange for an honest and impartial review – this however in no way changes my opinion on the item. What I honestly think, you read!  All images displayed of Sync are taken by myself!

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