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Review: Kegel8 Ultra 20

by LSB

You may have seen my other posts about the Kegel8 system and how using it should help fix my pelvic floors. Has it been successful?

Well, it’s truly gone over the expected time for this review so my apologies firstly to anyone who may have been following my other posts. In my latest post, I explained how I had upped the programme onto the next stage. But before I speak about my experiences, I want to talk about exactly what you get in the Kegel8 package.

I was sent Kegel8 Ultra 20 and the following was included inside my hygienically sealed, shrink wrapped box:

Kegel8 Controller

‘Glide’ – Gold probe

4 Skin electrodes/ pads

2 red/black electrodes

Kegel Exercise gel


Quick start guide



The gold ‘Glide’ probe is fantastic and it really is seriously comfortable. It arrives in a sealed, resealable bag. It gives complete peace of mind – you are the first person to use it. Approx 6cm in entire length, 3.4cm in width and only 2.5 in depth – considering what it is capable of doing, it’s tiny! My cervix lies funny and I did think the probe would cause an issue but genuinely only because I can feel myself getting zapped, I would forgot I’m actually wearing it. It needs to be lubed up with conductor gel on each gold side before insertion. I always inserted the probe first and made sure I was comfortable before I attached the wires into the controller unit. The gold sides are also suitable for people with a nickel allergy. 


The controller unit is so easy to use – they really have designed the unit so well. The unit can control two devices – well I’m guessing it can as there two inputs are the very top of the device. A and B – and each can be controlled separately via the arrows on the units’ control panel. A quick snoop of the instruction manual confirms you can use it to control two devices simultaneously. Attached to the gold probe is a wire, which divides into two sockets. The red/black wires need to plugged into these sockets and then the main lead gets plugged into port A or B. I always chose A but you could chose B.

Once in place and powered on, Kegel8 recommend you do a sensitivity test if it’s your first time using this system. It lasts 30 minutes and it just checks if you have any nerve damage and thankfully, I don’t. Once you select the program you wish to use, using the PR button, you keep upping the intensity levels using the + button, until you find a comfortable balance. Then sit back, relax and let Kegel8 work.

As previously mentioned, I started on P03, a 45 minute cycle and is the recommended programme for beginners for six weeks. After that, I progressed onto P04, a 30 minute cycle. Now, I use it twice a week (more if I remember and less if life is hectic). I have played around with the other settings and must admit, I enjoy using the system. As well as having health benefits, I find the Kegel8 rather pleasurable to us – definitely an unexpected added bonus. I enjoy the endurance program as I like how tingly and how long the pulses last for.


The kegel8 controller also has a clip attached to the back of it allowing it to be clipped on your trousers if you wished to use it while completing housework, doing the school run or even just sitting down to hide it from view. I took advantage of this clip many times as it does allow me to ‘exercise’ more discreetly.

So the million dollar question – Do I notice a difference after using Kegel8?

Well, yes actually, I do. I find my grip has improved and I find my pelvic floor has increased stamina, meaning my muscles don’t tire as quickly as they did. I am due to go for corrective surgery sometime in the new year as my gynae finds the damage won’t ever be fixed otherwise. However, I do have a growth on one of my ovaries so this is why he has to do this surgery. He, himself was impressed with how much they have improved and if he didn’t have to remove the growth wouldn’t consider the corrective surgery on it’s own. And, the Kegel8 device will be a huge help after my surgery allowing me to exercise my muscles correctly and with expert ease afterwards. 

I would like to take the opportunity to thank Kegel8 for sending me the Ultra20 in exchange for an honest and impartial review this however in no way changes my opinion on the item. What I honestly think, you read! All images displayed of Kegel8 Ultra 20 are taken by myself!

No affiliate links have been used in this post.

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Rebecca January 29, 2017 - 2:41 pm

Thank you so much for reviewing this product, as you know I am trying to be disciplined and start my kegel exercises. I look forward to letting you know the results

LSB January 29, 2017 - 8:11 pm

Make sure you keep me updated on your journey Xx ❤
After reading my post – you’ll know I’m due to go for surgery. Well, it’s not entirely for just this but my gynae said while I’m knocked out he’ll fix me.

Bianca January 30, 2017 - 9:47 pm

Hi thanks for your review. I purchased this toner last year but I think I went a bit too hard at first ie really high MAs and ended up with excruciating back pain so I’ve been a bit scared to start it up again. I really need to though since having my son I have experienced some really embarrassing leakage incidents (sorry if TMI). May I ask what your schedule was when starting with the PO3 routine – did you do it daily/every second day? Thanks so much in advance.

LSB January 31, 2017 - 6:52 pm

Hi 🙂

No such thing as TMI – Sorry to hear that is happening. We, as women really go thorough a lot top give birth, don’t we? When I started it I tried to use morning and evening every day for the first few days which is hard to do because lets face it being a mum you don’t get a second to yourself. I then, used it once a day and eventually that was every second.

Regards the strength, try the sensitivity test first – I usually pop the probe in and increase it slowly and I do it while it is pulsating so I can monitor the strength. I can tolerate it fairly high now.

Feel free to ask me whatever and if you don’t want to ask her – lsb@littleswitchbitch.com is my email.

Best of luck <3

Brigit Delaney April 16, 2021 - 2:36 pm

I might have to check this out. Even 13 years after giving birth, a cough or a sneeze can well…you know…


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