Review: HUM – Artificially Intelligent Vibrator

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HUM. The world’s first artificially intelligent vibrator. Do we need artificially intelligent vibrators? And more importantly what is an artificially intelligent vibrator?

So many questions boggled my mind when HUM sent me out a vibrator for review. First of all, I had to pick which colour/design I wanted. Anyone who reads my blog knows I was faced with a very hard task and suddenly my indecisive streak kicked in. I couldn’t decide between Sky, Limo or the Blue Glow so I asked the lovely Jay over at HUM to pick a colour for me.


And I couldn’t be happier with his choice – My HUM is the very beautiful Blue Glow. I mean, come on, it is bloody stunning. The colour to emits when it glows is spectacular.

HUM arrived wrapped well in bubble wrap inside a cardboard box – the packaging for it is fairly basic. I am guessing they spent their funds on the toy itself rather than a fancy box – which suits me just fine. Included in the box is a card explaining how HUM works, USB cable, a charging stand, USB plug attachment (suitable for US sockets) and a storage pouch.


HUM is approx 7 inches in entire length and has a circumference of 5 inches at its widest point. The silicone used to make HUM is unlike any other silicone toy I’ve felt before. It is completely sealed so it is suitable for waterproof fun. It can also be cleaned using toy cleaner or hot soapy water – whichever you prefer. HUM can be used with any type of lubricant but I opted to use to with water based lube only. In use, it doesn’t create any drag whatsoever and is really comfortable even when thrusted.


HUM needs to be charged for two hours before use. Simply sit HUM on top on top of the charging stand which will glow green to show it’s charging. The base of the charging stand has a tiny LED light, which will emit a blue light while HUM is charging and will change to flashing green light when finished.

Because of how HUM works, once charged, I opted to play with it in my hands first. To power it on, you simply hold down on the HUM button. It is quite fascinating to play with – shaking it up and down with the buttons facing the sky will produce vibrations. Once you stop shaking HUM has ‘learned’ how to replicate the pattern on it’s own. The same happens if you move it side to side. To increase speeds it has a (+) button and a (-) button to decrease speed.


You could make a pattern – say you shake HUM up, down, up, up and then insert it, clamp down on it using your vaginal muscles and create another new pattern again but this time it’s happening internally. It really ticks many boxes for me because science related things interest and sex related things do too so it’s like a double whammy for me.

When I approached HUM originally, it was more curiosity. I did wonder if I would get on with HUM because usually, I am not one to be overly fussed by internal vibrations. Even my first few goes with it, I was finding it all a bit meh. Until, my husband used it on me teamed up with Satisfyer and Tango. I clenched onto it internally, he used pressure around the base and it created vibrations that tickled my labia and he continued to twist it internally. It was spectacular – I came so strong. Strong enough to make me curl my toes. And for the first time ever using a vibrator, my husband could feel my orgasm through the vibrations created by my vaginal muscles clenching onto the HUM. We have since recreated this event many, many times and each time he can feel me come. It really adds another level of intimacy to play time.


Overall, I really do appreciate internal vibrations the HUM creates. It has impressed me greatly with the quality, how unusual it is, how friendly the HUM company is and how stunning HUM is in the dark.

This item was sent to me from HUM in exchange for an honest and impartial review – this however in no way changes my opinion on the item. What I honestly think, you read!  All images displayed of HUM are taken by myself!

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