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Svakom is a brand I was familiar with due to all the hype about the camera vibe, the Siime.

I didn’t own anything from Svakom though until Innocent Toys reached out and asked if I would be interested in testing out the Keri for them and curiosity got the better of me and the rest is history.

Innocent Toys are a relatively new company that jumped to my attention on Twitter. After a few emails back and forth, I have found them to be approachable, friendly and most importantly, very discreet when shipping their products.

Svakom Keri       Svakom Keri

My Keri came all wrapped up in black tissue paper with an ‘Innocent Toys’ label attached – something I hadn’t expected and I think it adds a personal touch and really added to my overall first impressions of what to expect if I order from the is company in the future.

Svakom Keri      Svakom Keri

The Svakom Keri came hygienically shrink wrapped and first impression, on removing the lid were good.

Sliding off the cardboard casing, which has the Keri illustrated on the front, you’ll find a rather pretty white box splashed with silver. Svakom advertised on it but to the unknowing, it’s a very inconspicuous box, one I shall more than likely keep. The Keri is nestled securely in a soft foam to protect it in transit. Under this you’ll find USB charger cable, storage pouch, warranty card, quick start guide and a booklet showcasing all the different Svakom products.It needs to be registered online to avail of its one year warranty.

Svakom Keri       Svakom Keri

Removing the Keri from the box, I was seriously impressed with how light it is. Though, my thoughts soon turned to how powerful it was going to be. The Tango isn’t the heaviest item I own and it blows my socks off really I shouldn’t be feeling like I do. However, gut instinct was kicking in and I’d a feeling, I was going to be right regards how powerful Keri might be.

The Keri is 7 inches in length – both the outer curve and inner curve. At the widest point, it has a circumference of 3 and half inches. To power on the vibe, hold down the ‘S’ button for 3 seconds and to power off hold it down for 5 seconds. It has 5 pattern modes – normal, caressing, joyous, passion and climax. Each pattern mode can been increased 5 times creating in total 25 different vibration patterns. To increase intensity click the ‘S’ once and click it twice to change onto a different pattern. The added metal on the handle with Svakom engraved on it adds to the overall luxurious feel.

dsc_0318      Svakom Keri

Keri is a waterproof vibrator and it has that kind of charging port where you need to stick the pin in through the silicone to charge and it reseals back over again once the charging pin is removed. It will continue to flash while on charge and emits a glowing static light when finished. One hour charge time provides two hours of playtime. On reading the instructions I spotted the company recommends charging the toy after each use to maintain its power and personally, I dislike this.

The Keri is advertised as being a powerful contoured vibrator. And while the contoured bit of that sentence is accurate, I feel the powerful is not. On powering the Keri into life, I was greeted by that familiar high pitched noise that I associate with buzzy toys.

In use, my original feelings were confirmed as Keri doesn’t have to ability to make me orgasm. I guess I have become spoilt with the likes of the Tango or Satisfyer that provide me with the deep, rumbly sensations I need to orgasm via my clitoris. Most people I have talked to find they to need these rumbly, deep vibrations to orgasm and I can’t help but feel gutted for Svakom. The Keri looks and feels fantastic to hold. The design fits perfectly in my hand, feels lovely to hold and has an overall has a very luxurious feel.

Overall, I am both impressed and disappointed. I wish Keri had the ability to make me come but unfortunately, she just doesn’t.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank Innocent Sex toys for sending me the Svakom Keri in exchange for an honest and impartial review – this however in no way changes my opinion on the item. What I honestly think, you read! All images displayed of Svakom Keri taken by myself!

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