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Update: I just want to feel less ‘broken’

by LSB

A few weeks ago, I posted quite a personal post on how I felt I was broken. Apologies, I’m late updating my journey. 

Now, of course I’m literally not broken – though I guess for us all at some point, we all feel that regardless for what is actually causing those feelings. My post, however, was in relation in my pelvic floor muscles. Something, so many women struggle with but since I posted my first post – I’m beginning to realize, even now in this day n’ age, it’s still a very vulnerable topic. Many ladies have expressed similar feelings and situations as mine since I published my original post. I really hope my posts have helped you realize you are not alone in feeling this way and there is help out there.

I just want to feel less 'broken'

I found it hard to write – I mean none of us like to admit we feel incomplete. I did feel that way writing that post. I still do.

Why I originally wrote it was because I was sent a item to review which claims it can fix me. As I previously mentioned, the Kegel8 system has a fairly strict routine and if followed correctly, will help tone up damaged pelvic floor muscles. You need to use it twice daily for 6 weeks. Each session lasts for 45 minutes – which by the time you have set up etc really equates to an hour. During the last now 7 weeks, I have been using it daily. I can’t claim I have been using twice daily as to be honest, I work full time and have three children to get ready for school. I really don’t have time to spend two hours of my day doing it. That being said, there are days when I can. So out of the 7 days, 3 of them I use it twice daily and the other 4 is only once.

I wish I could use it the required about time as I find it really relaxing. The Kegel8 system uses electrastim and it feels seriously good. I was so nervous the first time I tried it but now I find myself upping intensity and find it rather pleasurable. It really was a welcomed surprise.

I am late getting to type this post because my period arrived. I’m not sure if you can use it while bleeding but I opted not to because of hygiene reasons.

So the answer you have been waiting for – do I notice a difference?

Well, actually – yes I do. And more importantly (well for me), my husband was able to notice it too. I do find my grip has gotten better which keeps encouraging me to continue using the Kegel8. It isn’t a huge difference- just enough to notice but keep in mind, I am not following the exact instructions. I will continue to use it and my review will probably be a little later as I want to give the device more time to help balance out my usage time.

I would love to hear from any ladies out there who have similar stories or even questions, we can help each other 🙂

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sole gonzalez January 9, 2017 - 4:48 pm

I haven’t used a Kegel8 myself, but my OH and I bought one for a friend. A male that had gone under prostate surgery and was dealing with huge incontinence (he had to wear napkins and he had so week muscles that he couldn’t even do normal kegels, he is 60 years old). This worked for him as a miracle. In 6 weeks of using it (twice a day with the right programs) he wasn’t feeling any kind of incontinence. Not even stress incontinence. He is really thankful.

LSB January 9, 2017 - 5:24 pm

Yayyy. I’m glad to helped him and you are a fantastic friend for helping him out <3 Men suffer too - it needs to be published more beause when you see the word kegel you associate it with women more than men. x


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