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Review: House of Eros Carpet Beater

posted by LSB October 11, 2016 0 comments

Since we started experimenting in Impact Play, Carpet Beaters have been high up on my to get list. As well as being really pretty to look at, they ooze an air of evilness to me.

The lovely folks over at sent me some stuff to review – without actually telling me what was on the way and I was delighted when I opened the box to find this House of Eros Carpet Beater inside.

It’s my first time having any dealings with and I found them to be polite, friendly and items were dispatched on time and more importantly, discreetly.

                                                          Carpet BeaterCarpet Beater

The House of Eros Carpet Beater came in no outer packaging. It had a label attached with House of Eros written on it and that is basically it. I personally would prefer some sort of branding on it, of course it doesn’t affect the intended purpose of the item but it adds to the overall feel of the item, in my opinion.

The Carpet Beater has the usual Celtic knot design pattern which is associated with these types of impact items. Carpet beaters were originally designed to be actual carpet beaters or pillow and rug beaters until the hoover put them out of business. Then, they were then used as a form of punishment until they “went out of fashion” and BDSM related activities brought them to life again.

Of course, I didn’t want one to give my house a good going over – I wanted Celtic knot prints on my butt but sadly this wasn’t the case.

The beater is approx 75cm from the very tip to end. I find overall, it’s well made. Made entirely from willow, varnished to maintain the wood and add a glossy sheen – it certainly looks the part. Parts of the handle could have been finished better though. In parts, it is quite wispy and could cause splinters. The handle of the beater is quite long giving a large amount of range though personally I don’t think it’s needed. I have used it on my OH to get a ‘feel’ for it and I find I hold it closer to me to maintain consistency with my strikes. My OH confirmed he does similar.


Carpet BeaterCarpet Beater

I found it looks more the part rather than being it. Like the starter before the main course. It is perfect as a warm up to get the skin pink and blood flowing but it doesn’t deliver that sting I crave and love. I spent a good 20 minutes the other day whacking myself with it – with and then without trousers on to get the inspiration for writing this and for me to really lacks. I really tried to get prints – a few lines but nothing like I expected it to.

I have came to conclusion it is this particular model – other beaters I’ve seen are completely flat. The one is made with thicker willow thus has more height within each bend. When it connects with the skin, the entire surface doesn’t connect.

However, when blindfolded I do like the aural sensations given from the beater. I find as it swishes through the air and even the creaks it makes when it is picked up quite enjoyable. I find the build up my anticipation levels especially as my OH swaps items over – I think it will be the beater and it could end up being this paddle instead.

Carpet BeaterCarpet Beater

Overall, I can’t fault it really because in practicality it’s theory adds up. It is not really the beater’s fault I can tolerate more of a beating. I would highly recommend it as a warm up spanker. If you are on the lookout for something with a bit more bite then this isn’t the spanker for you.

This carpet beater was sent to me in exchange for an honest and impartial review – this however in no way changes my opinion on the item. What I honestly think, you read! All images displayed of House of Eros Carpet Beater are taken by myself!

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