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Review: Blush Novelities Ergo

posted by LSB October 3, 2016 0 comments

I make it no secret that I really love squishy dildos. And, I make it no secret I really love my Helio. As part of the same range, would I love the Ergo as much?

I find the silicone that Blush Novelties use to make the dildos in their Real Nude line to be really squishy. In fact, since owning the Helioit now lives in a lockable bag full of my favourites – Tango, Satisfyer, Lovehoney Satisfy dildo and Lelo Gigi2.

Blush Novelities ErgoBlush Novelities Ergo

The Ergo is slightly sticky to touch when you retrieve it out of its packaging, which is completely normal and it is 100% body safe. The Ergo comes with its own storage pouch which is needed as everything sticks it.

I wanted to Ergo for several reasons – the squishiness, the girth and it also has balls attached. Now, balls aren’t usually a big deal for me but I had a plan for those. The squishiness is there. But it isn’t as squishy as the Helio but it’s girthier so the extra silicone adds more padding so that explains that.

Blush Novelities ErgoBlush Novelities Ergo

The Ergo is approx 7 and ½ inches in length – 6 of those inches are insertable. It’s only slightly girthier than the Helio – by slightly, I mean it’s only ½ an inch thicker but it really makes a difference. I expected it to be more – it feels a lot fuller in use. The head is smaller and not as elongated as the Helio. For this reason, I enjoy how the head of the Ergo ‘pops’ against my pubic bone. The Ergo isn’t a dildo that will make me cum on it’s own. I could bang away with it, providing of course I keep topping up my lube levels as with most silicone dildos, it can get a bit draggy after a while. But, it would never get me there without some form of clit stim.

The Ergo, like the Helio, has a fantastic suction cup base meaning it can be used in a harness, safe for anal play and can be used in the shower. Remember, I mentioned I had a plan for the balls. Well – aesthetically they do nothing for me. As a rule, I’m not a ball lover. The way the can move around on their own freaks me out, of course that statement is completely irrelevant to my review as these ones ain’t gonna be jiggling about. That said, I wonder does such a dildo exist – one that have balls that can jiggle – extra vulva stimulation – sounds kinda intriguing that! I’m taking claim to it in case it hasn’t. LOL .

Blush Novelities ErgoBlush Novelities Ergo

Anyway, Balls! I wanted them so I could tug on them – use and abuse them. I thought they would make a fantastic handle to grab onto while I had my wicked way with the Ergo in the shower and they do. They work perfectly. If you want visuals. Ergo – stuck to the tiles via its super strong suction cup. Me – straddling the Ergo, gripping onto the balls and using them for leverage, as I thrust. Pretty frigging awesome.

The Ergo is made from Sensa Feel – Blush Novelties version of dual density meaning it’s super realistic to touch. Soft on the outside and a spine of harder silicone on the inside. As the Ergo is 100% silicone it can be boiled, meaning it can be fully sterilized giving you peace of mind when it comes to hygiene. It can also be washed with soap and water or in a 10% bleach solution.

Like other silicone toys, It is recommended only to use water-based lubes with it otherwise you risk damaging it.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank Blush Novelties for sending me the Ergo in exchange for an honest and impartial review – this however in no way changes my opinion on the item. What I honestly think, you read! All images displayed of Blush Novelties Ergo are taken by myself!

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