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Review: Lapdance black fishnet stockings

by LSB

I love stockings. I don’t think they need to be paired with an outfit for them to stand out. A decent pair does that all by themselves.

Lapdance black fishnet stockingsLapdance black fishnet stockings

Recently, I have learned to appreciate even men’s legs in stockings, which I must admit isn’t something I wouldn’t have taken notice to before until pictures of male legs wearing stockings started to appear on my twitter feed. I think men look equally as fit. Of course, I have a seriously leg addiction – I bloody love thighs and calves , that I’m sure probably contributes to the fact I love them in stockings too. So what I’m trying to say maybe these might suit the man in your life or vice versa.

Anyway, that’s enough of my waffling.

A long time ago, I spotted these Lapdance stockings on the Lovehoney site. Like agggggges ago but the version they were stocking had a bright pink band of lace that sits on the thigh. I own nothing pink in lingerie. Nothing. I remember showing them to my OH wishing they stocked a version that was completely black.

Well my prayers to the Stocking Gods were answered – well to Lovehoney at least and a fully black version came into stock. And, I had to have them.

                                                        Lapdance black fishnet stockings    Lapdance black fishnet stockings

If you read my review of the Oh La La Cheri Bandage bra and skirt set , you may have spotted these stockings already. I bought them the same day I bought that set with the intention of wearing them together. And, I must say – they go perfectly.

Lapdance black fishnet stockings

The sizing for these stockings is advertised at size 6 – 16 and usually, these varied sized items are pretty pants but Lapdance black fishnet stockingsthese Lapdance black fishnet stockings are pretty accurate. The main issue with stockings I find are thigh area and leg length. I have large thighs – my lower half is larger in comparison with my upper body. I find stockings can be a bit of bugger and usually need a suspender belt etc to keep them up. The Oh La La Cheri set has stockings attachments both front and back and these stockings are a perfect accompaniment to this set or in fact, they would go with any set really.

The first night I wore them I wore nothing other than the stockings and a pair of heels. I found they stayed up well considering they don’t have a band of rubber running through the lace which you would usually find on stockings. However, I don’t think they would hold all evening so best to attach them onto something for longevity.

Another feature I love about these – other fishnet stockings I own don’t actually have this feature but these Lapdance stockings actually have a narrower fishnet pattern across the toe region for added comfort. It really does make a difference. Toes aren’t poking through and getting caught in material.

Lapdance black fishnet stockingsI am 5”3 – 5”4 – roughly measuring from the position of the stockings on my thigh to the tip of my toes is 34” and they have plenty more room in them.

And, they can take the washing machine too – if you read my other lingerie posts, you’ll already know I hand wash my delicates.  These ended up in the washing machine by mistake and came out perfect – another bonus!


These are definitely my kind of fishnet! Thicker material which I think looks classier, doesn’t snap as easy and a lot more comfortable to wear. And at 9.99, they are a bargain – a must have lingerie drawer addition.

All images displayed of Lapdance black fishnet stockings are taken by myself!

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Oh Glow January 9, 2017 - 5:00 am

Corpus christos these are glorious. And your photos are very flattering. You slay, bae.

May More December 11, 2017 - 9:18 am

gorgeous pic of you sprawled on the bed and they are such hot stockings i want them!


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