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Review: Oh La La Cheri Bandage bra and skirt set

posted by LSB September 16, 2016 1 Comment

I really love the Oh La La Cheri Bandage bra and skirt set. From the moment I set my eyes on it – I knew I had to own it.

It was my birthday back in May and pretty much like anyone else who has ventured into the world of sex toys and lingerie, it was an opportunity to pick up a new item to add to my ever growing toy/ lingerie collection.


Oh La La Cheri Bandage bra and skirt set

Oh La La Cheri Bandage bra and skirt set

I picked this Oh La La Cheri Bandage bra and skirt set for several reasons – it’s bloody gorgeous, oozed much versatility and is different from other pieces I own. The model that showcases it on the Lovehoney site does a pretty damn good job of it and I must admit I did feel rather conscious about how I would angle my pictures while wearing it. Then, I really thought about it – I don’t use Photoshop and I’m bigger than she is – Doh! I was never gonna look like her. This piece – going on how it’s modelled on the Lovehoney site is worn just above the belly button. I have been pregnant three times – three times my skin has been stretched out of place and I find the region just under my belly button no matter how much weight I lose or exercise I do, it’s hard to tone it. I have serious tummy envy looking at her picture and that brought me back to another reason I purchased this piece.

It’s versatility!


I can wear this stunning piece just above my belly button and it’s strong elasticized material hugs into my body giving me the flawless silhouette I lust after. But the piece also can be worn on the hips. Depending on what I look I want to achieve while wearing it – be the willing submissive or the Deviant Dominatrix, with the Oh La La Cheri Bandage bra and skirt set 


I purchased the medium size, which is advertised being suitable for sizes 8 – 12. The piece comes in a clear bag. Oh La La Cheri Bandage bra and skirt setNot the most extravagant packaging so if you are purchasing this as a gift I’d recommend a gift box.

Oh La La Cheri Bandage bra and skirt set

The set comprises of a bra, skirt and thong. The bra and the skirt each have three rows of hook and eye fastenings. In my opinion, the inner row is for size 8, middle row is for size 10 and the outer row is for size 12. The sizing is quite tight with this set – I fluctuate between sizes 10-12 and I use the middle row. I think the first row would be too tight for me and the outer row would be the right size for me but to achieve the silhouette I want, I wear the middle size so when you are purchasing this piece it’s worth taking that in consideration.



Oh La La Cheri Bandage bra and skirt set

Back of the skirt

The bra has the ability to be customized at the back and also at the front. Above the cups, there is a strap which can be adjusted fully to fit around your cleavage so you can get a fully customizable fit. The cups are ¾ cups, which are padded and do give my cleavage a really good boost. The straps, when tightened in, create a pretty indent on my boobs and I look how they look.




While looking up the Lovehoney site for the exact piece, I spotted thisOh La La Cheri Bandage bra and skirt set piece also comes with a thong. I actually wore a different black lace thong with it as I’d forgotten it came with one. You don’t actually see the thong while wearing it anyway but it is important to mention one is in fact supplied with it.


The other reason I mention I purchased this is that it is different from other pieces I own.

When I wear the Oh La La Cheri Bandage bra and skirt set, I get a strong feeling of empowerment. I feel I different. That is exactly what I wanted this piece for – I want whoever I talk to while wearing this gets I mean business. I should and will be obeyed. I feel my screaming inner Mistress comes out and all in her presence should give nothing but respect to her.

Oh La La Cheri Bandage bra and skirt set

But, first, let me take a Selfie !

This is my first Oh La La Cheri item and the quality of this bandage set is fantastic – I would definitely purchase another item by this brand. There is no loose stitching and the item held well after I hand washed it. It still fits as well as it did when I wore it the first time.

All images displayed of Oh La La Cheri Bandage bra and skirt set are taken by myself! Affiliate links have been used in this post.


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Elliott Henry December 10, 2016 at 8:57 pm

Love that selfie, and there’s something about a girl in garter belts. I like the stockings… striking as the model.


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