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I love getting a chance to experience new things. I love it even more when it comes (or I do) to adult related playtime. This new experience comes in the shape of the Desirables Dalia.

Desirables are a reasonably new company but are a company that have really done their homework. I was dealing with the lovely Isabelle and I found her to be a lovely lady in all our correspondence. Their website, customer service and even their toy packaging is second to none. So many little details make their products really stand out and I was super impressed when I opened my package.


Desirables DaliaDesirables DaliaDesirables Dalia

I usually only briefly mention packaging as I don’t see the point in waffling on about something which will eventually make it into my recycling bin but I have to elaborate here.
Firstly, the outer packaging consists of a white cardboard box with a sleeve saying ‘Dalia’. The box, other than an embossed D on the side is plain so is completely inconspicuous. On opening the box, I was greeted with a booklet, instruction leaflet, storage pouch and of course, my Dalia. The Dalia comes nested safely on a satin covered molded tray, which is surrounded by cardboard which has the Desirables emblem printed all over it. Also, included in the box , inside the cutest little envelope is the company’s’ card and an authenticity card, which stated date of purchase and model you picked. The whole package oozes luxury and I seriously love all the little details and the effort Desirables have gone to, to ensure their customer’s are satisfied in more ways than one 😉

Desirables DaliaDesirables DaliaDesirables Dalia


The Dalia is a 100% porcelain toy and this is my first taste of this material. To the touch, it is really smooth, bar where the Desirables emblem is printed. It is so cold to hold and suddenly while rubbing it up, I feel myself wondering how it feel in use. The entire toy is approx 8 inches from tip to bottom or just over 7 inches if you measure on the curve. The tapered gspotting side is approx just over 4 inches in circumference at it’s widest point and the kegel side is just under 4 inches in circumference at it’s widest point. It weighs 232g so it’s quite weighty but doesn’t dead my hand in use.

The Dalia is advertised as being a g-spot toy and a kegel exerciser, so I am going to talk about it’s Gspotting abilities first.

On insertion, the porcelain feels pretty awesome. I expected it feel like glass and in a way, I guess it does but it doesn’t either if that makes sense. I find it’s not as harsh as some glass pieces I’ve tried. I also find lube and porcelain mix seem to glide better for me than glass and lube do. I do enjoy glass but it wouldn’t be my first choice of material to use. I find I’m opting to use this piece more and more because it works so well for me. The curve on it teamed up with how wide the tapered side is, is the perfect combination it hit my g-spot how I like it stimulated. I’m not overly fussed by the tapered end on my g-spot though as I prefer the shaft but the tapered end does hit my a-spot pretty well. Enough to get me really wet but not enough for me to come from it as I prefer squishy textures there. I found porcelain heats up quicker than glass would and I found it maintained the heat better too. 

Desirables Dalia

I use the kegel side as a handle and you need to watch how much lube or natural wetness gets on it as it does get fair slippy. Any lube or any method of cleaning it can be used as it’s 100% non porous so porcelain does give the option of versatility when it comes to your playtime as well as your cleaning routine.

Regards using it as a kegel exerciser, I did try it out. The booklet that comes with the Dalia explains you should insert the rounded kegel side and clench on it while completely your kegel routine. I did this and I also did it while standing up on a carpet surface (remember, I wrote recently about my pelvic floor). I was able to grip onto it without any issues however it did tire out my pelvic floor muscles so I wouldn’t really recommend doing it standing up. I did it as my OH wanted to watch me ‘suck up’ the Dalia as he called it.

If I had any advice, I would learn how to use it on yourself first before allowing your partner to use it on you. After only trying once myself, my OH wanted to use it on me. Now, it did feel really good – like really, really good until afterwards. He put a lot of pressure on my gspot with it and combination of the weight of the Dalia and his strength battered my gspot a bit so it was kinda sore to pee afterwards. I am 100% certain similar would happen would metal too and it has also happened with glass. So it’s more of a friendly warning to not jump in like I did/ do most times something new appears.

Desirables DaliaDesirables Dalia

Overall, I really do love my Dalia and I really love porcelain too. Owning this toy has only encouraged my want of more porcelain so my toybox needs updating again. I hope Desirables expands their range as I really love what this company offers.


I would like to take the opportunity to thank Desirables for sending me the Dalia in exchange for an honest and impartial review this however in no way changes my opinion on the item. What I honestly think, you read!  All images displayed of Dalia are taken by myself!

No affiliate links have been used in this post.

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