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I just want to feel less ‘broken’

by LSB

So this post is something completely different from my usual -mainly because it’s about a topic that is rather uncomfortable for me to talk about not alone writing about it and telling the world. 

I make it no secret I’m a mum. My youngest is 4 and since giving birth, I have felt different. Due to having heavy periods since having my tubes tied, I then opted to go for a thermal ablation after advice from my gynae. After having this procedure done, my periods are so much better but I do find it affected my ‘grip’. I am not entirely sure if this is a side affect or something that was always there and has gotten worse. I have attended a physio, which was crap I might add, tried kegel balls etc and I have no issue holding them in so my pelvic floor isn’t a complete write off but it’s not how I feel it should be. Don’t get be wrong, I don’t think I’ll ever be a born again virgin, nor I don’t want to be – I just want to feel less ‘broken’.

I regularly attend a gynae and I happened to mention it to him my worries. Here, he explained after doing an internal exam, I have damage to my right side and it should have been addressed to in the labour ward – that is a fault of the Irish health system and finally, I was feeling less shittier than I had been. I also recently found out I, in fact, have a weakness down my entire right side. This got me thinking about the last time I met my gynae when he confirmed, I had a weakness on the right hand side of my vag. Were they connected or was it coincidence? Either way, I need to be fixed.

This isn’t about sex – OK , well I lie. It is. But mainly it’s about getting older and worrying about my female heath as I get older. I want to fix any issues I have now that could prevent bigger issues happening down the line. My gynae did however mention, I can have surgery to fix my broken side but is that really necessary? I wonder if it’s possible to do without needing to go under the knife. So this brings me to looking online at other ways at strengthening my pelvic floors, which would, in turn help my grip, give me stronger orgasms and I might be able to squirt properly. 

I came across Kegel8 online – a company which makes the UK’s NO.1 pelvic floor exerciser. A company who claims their machine will give me results after 12 weeks, if of course, I follow the instructions correctly. There are so many options to chose from on there from prolapse to help after child birth and even kegel help for men. It also benefits women going through the menopause too.  After a few emails back and forth, I was sent a Kegel8 ultra 20 to review and today, I started that journey. For those of you who follow me on twitter, I recently tweeted about starting it – that didn’t happen that day. Manic house trying to get everyone ready for school etc. So yes, today it happen and this blog post marks the start. 

I just want to feel less 'broken'

Enjoying my morning coffee while ‘exercising’ .

I have started on P03 – It is for six weeks specially designed for pelvic exercising, then I move on to p04. In six weeks time, I’ll report back with an update on how I’m getting on and more about the Kegel8 ultra 20 device.  I am really excited about it all. 

I would love to hear from any ladies out there who have similar stories or even questions, we can help each other 🙂

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Tyler Cassidy September 3, 2016 - 6:53 pm

Sorry about your situation. I can’t draw from female experience, but I relate in another way because I’m also resolving my own insecurities about my defects, namely phimosis. I too have bought an online product from UK as an alternative to circumsision, which I’ve heard would remove pleasurable nerve endings. My urologist says it won’t work but I think I might as well try. Here’s hoping we both succeed and eventually get fixed 🙂

Erotickitten October 18, 2016 - 11:02 pm

Wow, such an open and frank review. I too suffer with grip to an extent even though I have gone through two pregnancies one was only a partial labour which ended in c section as did the 2nd. Love to know if this really works? Xx

LSB October 22, 2016 - 3:14 pm

It was hard to write to be honest – I wasn’t sure if I wanted to expose myself like this. I will definitely keep you updated hun x


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