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Review: We-Vibe Rave

by LSB

The minute I see We-Vibe, I automatically think deep, rumbly vibrations that create toe curling orgasms. I wonder will the We-Vibe Rave live up to my high expectations?

The We-Vibe Rave isn’t my first We-Vibe item. My journey started out with the We-Vibe Classic – a wireless app and remote controlled toy, designed for sneaky out and about playtime as well as couples in LDR but even though we enjoyed it’s vibes – we found it be slightly glitchy. Next, so many people went on about this amazing must have toy, that is the Tango and now, I know why. The Tango delivers every time – a bullet vibe that has set a standard so high it can’t really ever be touched. After that, we got a Nova. I have mentioned previously, the We-Vibe Nova broke the mold and reinvented the Rabbit vibe for me – blended orgasms happen quickly and so very easily for me with the Nova. 

So when you read all that, can you imagine how excited I was when I saw a Rave arrive for me to test out.


Box contents


Satin storage bag

Like all the other We-Vibe products I have previously tried, the We-Vibe Rave arrive in a classy cardboard box. All my We-Vibe boxes look so pretty stacked together and can be used to store anything in them really. They are the kinda packaging you find a use for instead of slinging them out.

We-Vibe supply a satin storage bag in the box. As well as that, you’ll get a USB charging cable, an instruction booklet and a sachet of water based lube. It’s important not to use anything other than water based lube as silicone lube can damage a silicone toy.

Like the Nova, the Rave also has the ability to be controlled via app. I usually opt to use the app when controlling the Nova however with the Rave, I don’t! Simply because my husband makes the Rave work for me better than I can myself. I shall talk more about the app further down the post.

The Rave isn’t your usual kind of G spot vibe – it’s got an asymmetrical shape. It is approx 7 and half inches long with 4 inches of insertable length. If like me, your g-spot lies more to the right hand side of your body, the Rave is essentially a homing device and will find your g-spot with expert ease. However, I can’t get it to work if I use it on myself. I find the shape awkward to use and the effort it takes to get to orgasm using it for solo pleasure is more than I can bother to muster up. All that said, this is no way an issue for me. I just lie back and let my OH and the Rave work their magic. It results in serious leg shaking orgasms – the ones that make my nose tingle and they feel awesome. The unique asymmetrical shape adds a whole new dimension as he twists the Rave with each thrust, he watches my body writhe in pleasure.

It also makes a pretty awesome clit vibe – even though it’s not pinpoint and direct as the Tango, it really has those deep, rumbly vibes the Tango does – just over a broader area and coated in silicone.

The Rave is super easy to use – the up (^) button increases power and the down (v) button decreases it. The up button will also power on the Rave but only the power (o) button will power it off by holding down the button for a few seconds. The power button will also power the Rave on too. The Rave takes just 90 minutes to charge and a full charge provides two hours playtime. It emits a blinking low purple light while on charge and the light stays static. It’s charged via a pin style charger The charging port sits on the front of the toy just above the (^) button. The Rave has 10 preset vibration modes ranging such as Tease, Ramp or Heartbeat and it also has the option to create your own via the We- Vibe App. Considering how powerful the Rave is, I find it reasonably quiet.

My only complaint about the Rave is – it’s not waterproof. So bath time fun is out. It is however splash-proof so cleaning it, thankfully isn’t an issue.


App in playstore


We Vibe App



The app is available to download via apple or play store and it is fairly easy to use. On opening the app – it gives a quick tutorial on how to use it all ie. using vibe patterns via wave patterns/slides. You need to switch on Bluetooth and hold down the (0) button till the Rave pulses twice. This is how you sync the Rave with the app. Using menu button, found on top left hand corner, you can pair your We-vibe Rave. It also gives the option to switch device here too, should you want to swap over to the We-Vibe Nova or even the Classic. The app allows couples in LDR the option to control each other’s playtime as well as outdoor fun. As well as that, it allows you to completely customize how you enjoy the vibrations the Rave has to offer. I love how the app also tells you how much charge is left in your toy too.


Pairing screen


Connecting to your lover


All the different vibrator options

I mentioned at the start of the review, we found the Classic to be kinda glitchy. However, I will have to try it out with the Classic because even since I wrote the Nova review, I notice We-Vibe have since updated the app. I find it a lot more user friendly. The app flows better and doesn’t freeze as much as it did previously. The app has the option to put a pin on it to provide a discretion service, I found when I set the pin it froze my phone so I personally don’t recommend using that option.

We-Vibe Rave

We Vibe Rave

Overall, I seriously love the We-Vibe Rave. A seriously powerful vibe that packs a punch. The first single motor vibe to make my g-spot really take an interest in internal vibes, smooth enough not to create a dragging sensation that I have experienced with other silicone toys and it’s rechargeable. Another top toy from a brand I only associate with excellence.

If interested, you can purchase the Rave here:

| Lovehoney UK | Lovehoney US |

This item was sent to me from We-Vibe in exchange for an honest and impartial review – this however in no way changes my opinion on the item. What I honestly think, you read!  All images displayed of We-Vibe Rave are taken by myself!

Affiliate links have been used in this post.

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FC Cheng August 30, 2016 - 5:23 pm

Hi LSB, how would you stack it up against the tango. It is the only item we tried, and my OH loved it. also, how is the wireless function, does it disconnects intermittently?

Kalliopeia September 3, 2016 - 9:52 pm

I have a Rave. <3 Love it. Great review. You're right, the packaging was super gorgeous and useable- I recycled it, because I live with roommates who might have found visible vibrator packaging to be questionable and it was too much bigger than the toy to justify living in a drawer, but it was kind of a shame to break it down.

LSB September 4, 2016 - 9:43 am

Thanks 🙂 I love my Rave. In fact, i seem to love most things that have We-Vibe attached to it. All my We-Vibe boxes are stocked up together and they look so pretty together x


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