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Review: We-Vibe Tango

by LSB

Everyone and anyone that uses toys raves on about how amazing the We-Vibe Tango is. I knew I just had to own one. I bided my time, eventually the pennies added up and I finally became the owner of a shiny pink Tango.

We-Vibe Tango

It also comes in pearly white <3

I remember my excitement build as I popped it on charge via it’s magnetic charger. I built such a high opinion of it in my head – it really had a lot to live up to! Reviews claimed the Tango was a really rumbly vibe offering pinpoint stimulation – there wasn’t a clit in the country that would snub it.

That was, of course until it met mine.

Oh , I was devastated. And I really am not exaggerating here. I really was. Surely, I must be broken. So many times, I tried and tried and I just found the Tango couldn’t get me off. I found it was too much for my clitoris. Every time I tried, it was if my clit stood up saying “Nope!” and point blankly refused to even be slightly interested in what the Tango had to offer. My nipples, however loved it – though could I really justify spending that money on a toy for just my nipples? Nah – I couldn’t and what’s more that was only a tease too. I only had one Tango but two nips. It was after a week of trying (and tormenting horrified people on my twitter feed) to get off with Tango, I decided I was gonna return it back to Lovehoney where I had purchased from and swap it for a Doxy instead.

Though, my Tango never did make it into a postbox and am I ever so grateful I hadn’t time to get the post office.

We-Vibe TangoI discovered after trying it on/off over the week, I had killed the battery a bit making it less powerful. It was last chance saloon for the Tango *but* this time, my clitoris finally enjoyed it. It was too powerful for me fully charged making it feel buzzy and just too much for my really sensitive clit. It was a revelation. And I was overjoyed I was no longer ‘broken’. It’s quite interesting though as I can only still tolerate the Tango on full power when it’s been used many times first. That’s a reflection on how powerful this bullet really is. I’m a power queen – I’m not fussed by patterns – I’m a ‘whack it up to the top’ kinda gal except the Tango breaks this mould for me. Who would have thought it? A bullet vibe being too much. It is seriously amazing how much power is packed inside it’s 9cm /3.5 inch body. As the We-Vibe site states “petite, powerful and pocket size” and it really does sum up the Tango perfectly.

The entire Tango is made of ABS Thermoplastic and is 100% waterproof. Cleaning it isn’t an issue as it’s not porous so soap, toy cleaner etc – it’s all suitable. The We-Vibe site states to use only water based lubes with it though. The button on the base of the Tango turns it on, pressing on the same button flicks through all the 8 different vibration patterns and holding it down will also power the Tango off.

We-Vibe Tango

Box Contents

Inside the box when it arrives, you’ll find a USB charging cable, charger cap, storage pouch, instruction card and user manual. The charger cap is the bit that attaches onto the cable – the magnetic points are on this bit and it’s what attaches onto the base of the Tango. It’s worth laying it a flat surface where it won’t roll around and the light stays on while it charges and turns off once charged. It is really important not to lose the magnetic charger cap, the cable however is the same as most Android phone chargers. The charging of the Tango is my own gripe – it can flick on/off until positioned correctly though if I’m honest if I’d to sit and hold it in place – I would. The pleasure it creates is worth it. 90 mins provides two hours play time according to We-Vibe – this in my opinion varies down to which of the 8 vibration settings you prefer. I get longer than two hours out of mine because I prefer it on the lower setting. Once the battery of the Tango starts to get low – it will start to emit a flashing orange light on the base of it.

We-Vibe Tango

Low Battery Light



It’s lipstick shaped design allows you to pinpoint your pleasure perfectly and is a must have toy for any toy box regardless of what sex you are. As the Tango is a bullet vibe, it can easily be slipped in to replace weaker bullet vibes supplied with a lot of other toys.

We- Vibe really know how to pack a punch into the vibes – so far I haven’t found one that doesn’t get me off. The Nova changed my opinion on rabbit style vibrators and the Rave – well I guess you just have to watch this space. 

If interested you can purchase the Tango from Shevibe in pink here | in blue here | Lovehoney UK | Lovehoney US|


I would like to take the opportunity to thank We-Vibe for creating such an awesome vibe. All images displayed of We-Vibe Tango are taken by myself! Affiliate links have been used in this post.




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Kalliopeia September 8, 2016 - 6:09 am

Wowww. Maybe I’m just a contrary asshole, but this word of warning actually makes me even more curious to try it.


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